• It's a sweet short list for me. Goldfish - Crystal Goldfish - Goldie Black Moor - Bubbles Mouse - Needles Mouse - Needles Jr. Cat - Sylvester Dog - Niky
  • Colleen - border collie, but in my defense, I had been drinking
  • Lets see Daisy-Goldfish Spanky-gerbil Cole-gerbil Titus-Great Dane Now I have Marbles, Jax, Rocco-cats
  • hmmm... i can't name my goldfish, but... rainbow (i was six), dorian gray (i was not six) - betas mr. darcy - dorian's snail friend speedy, lightning, jaws, champ, and m.c. hamster - hamsters nanashi, arashi, and kishi - mice frisky, orion - cats renegade, scooter - dogs
  • In my 21 years i have owned several pets. Sunny, cher, and bartholamu were all goldfish.(I gave sunny and bartholamu to a pond after i had them for 5 years). Ive had a parakeet named sky. A chinchila named stormy. A turtle named robin. Three gerbils one named happy, one named devil sue and another named batman. A rabbit named sabrina. A rat named socks. A dachshund named henry. A lab rottweiler mix named rotunda. A alaskan wolf husky mix named jasmine. A mutt named rusty. A rottweiler blue heeler mix named zeek. Two chihuahua dachshund mixes named ying and yang. A yorkshire terrier named boog'ah bear. A lab and retriever mix named ambrotious. Two white german shepards named smokey and enoch. Plus several goldfish from the fair the never lived past a week. I use to own a hermit crab as well but I cant recall his name. I forgot roach and zigzag the rats, who gave birth to many other rats who sadly never got named.
  • Yes (excluding all fish owned in 2002) Stella - dog Rocco - dog Silas - Albino Buenes Aires Tetra Conrad- Albino Buenes Aires Tetra U-Turn - Buenos Aires Tetra Marvin - Buenos Aires Tetra Red - Oranda goldfish (RIP) Henry - Goldfish won from the VA State Fair (RIP)
  • A budgie named Peter...14 English springer Spaniels(we owned a kennel) Some of them were Boggie Boo, Teddy, Freckles,Two Dachshunds named Bismark and Heidi.Two cats Sooty and Simba. A rottweiler mix called Prince. A dwarf rabbit called Pancake(my daughter's choice of name). A Chihuahua named tiny and a mixed breed called Tiny.A Spaniel/mix called Pepper and my present dog a Shih Tzu called Sprocket.Oh and I can't forget my wild friends a Chipmunk called Chippy and two Nuthatches called Minnie and Mickey and Jim the crow.
  • I really wish I could. I know I could name most of them... but when you've had 118 animals in the house at one time... it gets bloody hard.
  • Peppermint Patty-dog Sally-dog Lucy-dog (entire litter named after Peanuts characters) Ben-dog Current pets: Oscar-dog (1st pic) Ducky-dog (2nd pic)
  • Fred - Parakeet Misha - dog (chow/shepard mix) Jose Uribe - dutch rabbit Penny - siamese mix cat
  • Duffy - tabby cat Mally - seal point Siamese cat Samovar ("Sam") - Russian Blue cat Taffy - Cocker Spaniel dog Jacob Marley ("Jake") - Abyssinian cat Zappa - mutt cat Neko - Tonkinese cat JoJo - Tonikinese cat Milo - Tonkinese cat Spooky - mutt cat
  • 1. Ex Wife. Female.
  • No way could I...I would have to go back 48 years and between farm animals and pets would probably add up to over 500 animals with about 200 being pets.
  • Quackers - Duck Whitey - Duck Lion - Cat Barkley - German Schnauzer Zipper - Turtle
  • 1) rabbit-merlin 2) dog-thunderstorm 3) dog-chevy 4) dog-dallas 5) dog-lady 6) tons of fish with out names ): 7) dog-Snickers 8) cat-gingersnaps[R.I.P] 8) cat-timmy 9) cat-indie 10) cat-midnight 11) cat-cassy 12) rabbit-casper 13) dog-von 14) dog-houns 15) dog-kieser 16) dog-cracker 17) dog-freddie 18) gerbil-fur 19) gerbil-coco 20) lizard-miss lizzy 21) hermit crab-i dont remember [too young] 22) spider-chelsea 23) rabbit-shadow
  • Yes a ferret, named Amber, and a springer spaniel dog, Taylor.
  • I must confess, I've forgotten the names of everyone of my goldfish, turtles, and fancy mice, and all but two of our gerbles. I do, however, remember the ducks though, and everyone of our dogs... and the kitten my sister brought home and my mom made us give to a riding stable once it got a little older. DOGS Boscoe - Beagle Chopper - Springer Spaniel Parcel Post - A runaway we took in: mom found him at the Post Office Spitzie Schwartz - Miniature Schnauzer Matilda FitzEmperess - Yorkshire Terrier Eleanor of Aquitaine - Yorkshire Terrier Chesterton, Sir Gilbert de Paradog - English Bulldog DUCKS Lush & Tipsy GERBLES Bonny & Clyde
  • I thought it best not to give my food names : )
  • 0-9 years old - parents house 3 gerbils - no names 2 kissing-fish - no names cat - Sandy cat - Patches cat - Lucifer parakeet - Perry Ferret - Coto 9-10 - grandparents' house cat - Butt-head cat - Simba dog (mutt) - Shotzie dog (labrador) - Shadow 11-20 - mother & stepfather's house 20+ zebra finches - no names Lovebird - Nicky 2 Cockatiels - Sunshine and Petrie Parakeet - Melanie cat - Fidget 20 + - My House Dog (Pit Bull/Rottie mix) - Bub Dog (pit bull) - Winston Dog (Dachshund) - Sam
  • two deceased cats: Lillemis and Trunte Two 1½ year old cats: Felix and Didrik Several rabbits, some of them didn't have names (as they were going to be slaughtered anyway), but I can remember the names of all the male rabbits used for breeding (not their races though, they were pretty mixed): Stampe, Don Juan, Persillemus, Mads and Romeo. The same goes for chickens. We have had countless hens with no names, but the roosters were always named: Gyldenkam, Van Gogh, Frede, Kalle, Herkules, Gokke (all of them were Yellow Orpingtons). Two Guinea pigs: Lucifer and Mollus
  • Dog - Mickey (Daschund/Beagle) Cats - Charlie (Burmese) and Angel (Persian Tortoiseshell) Cat - Sassy Fish - assorted, no names Budgie Bird - Buddy Dog - Cecil (King Doberman with silver tip ears) Dog - Brandy (Norwegian Bouvier) Dog - Lanzar (Pitbull/Lab) Dogs - Lucca (Sharpei), Kano (Red Doberman), Tyra (Great Dane), Ice Pick (Pitbull), Kaya (Pitbull), Jaxx (Texas Red Nose Pitbull), Tikki (Boxer, Ripley (Boxer)
  • I had two dogs, a Pomeranian and a Maltese Terrier

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