• The hulk would mop the floor up with all of them.
  • Wonder woman and the Bionic woman would step back and laugh at the idiots going at it. They would then get bored, go to Starbucks for coffee and discuss how to effectively solve their villain problems together
  • I think it would be a toss up between Steve Austin and the Incredible Hulk. I think the whole bionic thing got played out in the 70's with the arrival of the bionic woman, bionic boy and bioninc dog. That just tells me those writers for the show were plum out of new ideas.
  • Definately The Hulk. Steve Austin and the Bionic Woman had trouble matching strength with robots and Bigfoot so they wouldn't be able to handle the Hulk. Wonder Woman's strength was technically regular human strength at it's peak - perfected on Paradise Island through regular exercise. Mr. T was regular body builder strength.
  • The TV industry!

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