• Who is your sim card from? What service Carrier? You may have to get an unlock code from the service carrier of the phone you want to switch the SIM card to.
  • Probably not. Tracfone phones are locked.
  • How bout you stick it in and see what happens. If anything you'll probably just get the subsidy password lock which protects fones they sell to be used only in their networks. Which can be fixed liked mentioned before by using a subsidy password webpage for a fee.
  • If your SIM card is a Tracfone SIM card, you just need to contact Tracfone and tell them that you have a new phone and want to move your number to the new phone. Tracfone codes the IMEI of each phone to the wireless number and SIM card and you cannot just move from phone to phone. If the phone is SIM unlocked, you can put any SIM into the phone, but if you haven't gotten it SIM unlocked, you can't. I hope this helps. Thanks.

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