• I don't know. I haven't been here long, but I have seen and been reading the same thing. A question might get points (even alot of points) from those answering it, but the people who answered it all have a big fat 0 for points! Somehow that doesn't seem quite fair to me, especially if the people are regular AB people who like to get points for their questions and answers, and who enjoy other peoples good questions and answers as well.
  • Don't know if I can actually answer your question - just wanted to lend support. I have been following your method when I ask a question. Points and comments for answerers if I can for each of my questions. Sometimes, if there is no comment or rating on a answer you give - you wonder if anyone read it, or if it was appreciated :)
  • I just come online once in a while. If I see a question that interests me, I do answer it. I have not seen any posted by you. Now I will keep track of your question and see if I can answer them. Keep posting though!
  • My guess would be that if there are a lot of answers to a question they might not take the time to read them all. I know I do not like to read answers that are really long (like the equivalent of a 10 page report). Sometimes a question is old and someone might give a new answer to it but nobody goes in to see what it was therefore it never receives a rating. I know I rate up answers I like, but I don't generally downrate people (unless they are just being a troll). If I don't like an answer I just don't rate it at all.
  • I agree with both the above answers and am thinking it smacks of a social club and popularity club or group, which I find both discouraging and disappointing. I think that doesn't encourage many new people or others who have been here awhile, but who might not be in that "Superbaggers" group, to ask questions or answer. And they might aask or answer perhaps more eloquently and with equal or better "material." But they are intimidated and feel perhaps, "What's the point?" And if you want to give me negative ratings for speaking what I think to many here must be obvious, then go ahead. I joined to help others and also learn, not as social forum where friends handed out points and asked personal questions about other members and garnered points for doing so.
  • Interesting. I am underwhelmed by the volume of answers, but not surprised. Thanks to those who replied.
  • You spend enough time on AB and you just get to know and value certain opinions and insights. I always like what stableboy has to say, for instance, that's not because I feel that he's always right, but because he's always thoughtful and thought provoking. Having said that, I always read and rate all the answers I get from any ABer. If you take the time to respond, the least I could do, is give you a rating. Honestly, I think folks just don't think to rate it. They just come to get an answer and move on. Sexy has a good point, too.
  • Better yet some idiots ask horrible questions and give neg. for answers, because they are ignorant.
  • I dont know I have noticed the same myself ! I try as hard as I can to make sure if I post a question I read all!! the answers and if I think they are helpfull ( no matter if I agree or not ) I give points. You ask a question you are going to get both oppinions you agree with and those you dont! but if you ask I think you should reward both sides because it helps answer your questions. if only one side would reply it is not a very whole sided answer ! anyway just my oppinion .. good job for asking this question .. I whole hartedly agree!
  • I have heard that AB answers and points have become more about quantity than quality. This seem to be a good working theory. It's also about speed of response, cleverness, not offending the senses and culture of the Superbaggers. Asking lots of "popular" type questions rather than thoughtful ones speeds you along. Really, does "What do you look like?" deserve over 130 points! That must have come from a real genius.
  • I always give points too. But sometimes someone will answer a question that is old and then I don't see it. Also, if you get like 20 or more answers to a question or if a lot of the answers are page long essays then it is time consuming to go through them all. ** Oops! After posting this one I realized I already answered this question. Oh well. You just get more of me to read and love!
  • Some people might confuse "This was a helpful answer" with "I share the same opinion you stated." If I merely disagree with something, I'll come on with a comment, but I won't mark the person down or anything. I will try to mark people up as much as possible. And even if I disagree with what the person said, I'll mark them up if they said it well.
  • You have a very valid question i must say, good comment. Personally i have asked very few questions but have awarded points to those that have given good replies. At the same time when reading questions and about to give my answer i try to read the other answers given and give the good ones points. Only fair i figure, and that is surely what answerbag is all about. And another thing let's rid this place of trolls !
  • I agree,I hate people who dont give points to me after i have answered,especialy when its a long answer,I always give points to people who answer my questions,unless they mock me,then me and my friends who are on this site all subtract points!!!
  • "When I ask a question, I *always* read each answer, and give points to those who I think gave good replies! Why do so many ask a question, but not award those who took time to give good answers a positive rating?" I do the same also, people take their time and patients, and most of them put thoughts in their answers. It's only fair to show appreciation and rate them.
  • Because people are lazy...its as simple as that.
  • Because people are lazy...its as simple as that.
  • I think if you go to my profile and check through my questions, I try to comment on all of the answers awarding points along the way
  • I would say that is an irrational behaviour not to reward those people who responded questions!
  • I do my best to reply to all the people who answer my questions giving points where they are earned. I have no idea why other people do what they do.
  • Maybe they don´t know the rules of etiquette o just simple courtesy.
  • Sometime there is just a lot going on and you have a ton of new alerts and stuff. I personally am still getting use to the new answerbag format. It's not to complicated but I was use to the old one.
  • Some people are only asking questions for you to rate them.
  • Many here would be thankful just to get an answer! Points don't matter anymore, anyway.
  • I give *likes* to everyone, regardless if I agree with them or not. If there are answers in my questions I have not given a thumbs up, then I haven't got to them. I wouldn't be too concerned about who gives good answers, since I already know the answers to most of my questions. Mainly it's all about everyone exchanging ideas.

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