• To date? No. To have sex with? Yes.
  • Assume you can't get someone your own age?
  • Dating is never a problem. It's the sex that is wrong wrong wrong. And 14 is very young to date anyone. Where are you expecting this to go? If you are serious about them, why not just slow down and just be friends, why does it always have to be dating? I met my husband when I was 14 and he was almost 19. We took it VERY slow and just did things with friends of all ages and got to know each other. 4 years later we married. Still married 35 years later.
  • There shouldn't be a problem with them DATING. Sex, however, isn't legal
  • You can face kidnapping charges if the parents come looking for her. Also, it will be considered an additional felony if you take them over any state line. I HOPE you don't do this. You are asking for a world of trouble.
  • The attraction you have is similar to the one your Big Buck Cell mate will have for you.....
  • Give up, folks. The question is five years old, and he hasn't been back since. Maybe her parents caught him with their daughter and shot him? That sometimes happens in South Carolina.
  • It would be illegal if there's any sexual activity involved.

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