• Are you taking B12 in liquid form? Are you drinking things that are acidic, such as juices and sodas? Herpes is the most common source by far of mouth ulcers, and depending upon how your body reacts to it, the ulcers can be tiny or larger. Both are normal physiologic responses UNLESS there is a systemic responses in your body, which lets you know that your body is over reacting to the virus. Does everything seem to be working properly in your different systems?
  • I had something similar to this a long time ago. It was so bad, I could hardly eat. My cousin brought me this tea and made me drink as much of it as I could stand. It doesn't taste great, in fact, it's not really tea, specifically. It's a tree bark from South America. It's called Pau D'Arco, (pronounced Pow Darko,) and you can probably find it at any hippie organic food store, or herbal-type vitamin-type store. I can get it bulk, it's like 66 cents an ounce, so I fill a big bag of it and it's like 3 bucks. I just pack a coffee filter full of it and run enough water for about 2 cups. It tastes like paper, I'm not gonna lie, but a little honey and some sugar makes it drinkable. Drink this stuff like crazy, I'm SO confident it will help you. I mean, drink 10 cups of it, it will do the trick, it helped me for SURE. It even helps for cold sores and lots of other stuff. Good luck, I hope you can find yourself some of this stuff. Pau D'Arco is the stuff.
  • My son gets mouth ulcers when he doesn't eat enough fruit. - Worth a try, more fresh fruit?
  • Trust me on this one! It's an enzyme your body needs. Swish your mouth with cold buttermilk, then swallow, at least three times a day. Do not rinse, leaving the film in your mouth as long as possible. Good to do at bedtime. You will notice pain relief in just a few minutes after swishing, and the sores should be gone in a day or two. My doctor told me it was caused from a lot of reasons, some of which are still unknown.
  • I think it could be stress, try drinking more water?

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