• A zero on the work. However, be prepared for some shock waves if you do it. It is amazing how many parents these days think their little darlings shouldn't ever face consequences.
  • I say a 0 on the assignment and refer to the dean's office, if this student is cheating then you need to show them how serious it is. god knows if this student does that in college, they will suffer possible suspension or explusion from school. You need to nip it in the butt now or it will continue.
  • A zero with a chance to redo the assignment on their own. If this is their first offense I don't see any reason to be that hard on them, as I knew students in high school with GPA's at the top of their class who did that a time or two.
  • Cheating may come about due to examination anxiety. I would not suggest any harsh action to be taken against the concerned student. I would recommend that you give the student a chance after having a heart-to-heart talk with him/her. Of course you need to impress upon the student that it is wrong to cheat in examination and then strongly caution the student against a repeat offense.
  • Cheating is cheating no matter what.. The consequence should be to do all exams alone in a office with a teacher.
  • I give the student a limited amount of time to do the assignment again. If it is a test i give zeros. But I'm only a sub.
  • I'd give a zero, notify the parents (unless it's an adult student) and provide an opportunity for a make-up assignment at a docked grade level (take ten points off the top). That said, a student who cheats is only cheating himself. You aren't going to catch every student who cheats, and that's why it's important not to grade on a curve. Grading on a curve allows poor performances to be rewarded, lowers the overall standards of scholastic achievement and allows cheaters to affect others who are honorable.
  • I had a history teacher in high school who took a very dim view of cheating. Grading was 0-5, 5 being highest. First offense, -5. Second offense, dean's office.
  • If this is a first offense I think the consequence should be kept private between you and the offender. I think its important that this student is not humiliated by making his offense public to the entire class. As punishment s/he should be made to redo the assignment and still should not be graded for it as punishment. Extra home assignments which require quite a bit of research work and is a bit out of the syllabus should be given exclusively to this student too.
  • An automatic zero (or F) for that exam is good. That is how they handle cheating first offenders at the college I attend
  • Cheating is very serious. The parent needs to come to, the parent and the student need to sit down and discuss this. It is not to be taken lightly. I don't know how prevalent cheating is. I fear it is a cancer that has spread over the years. Parents cheat all the time..on their taxes, on their spouses, while playing see this and emulate it. So you may have a problem convincing the parent that it is a serious matter. If the parent is trying to do a good job, he/she will appreciate your help. If not, the student is doomed no matter what you do. This is what I would do.. he/she gets an F for the copied work..has to take another test all by him/herself..and has to write an additional research paper on "Integrity.. What it means and why it is important." Good luck! :)
  • I read the OTHER 11 answers. This is what I don't understand about those answers AND many, many others I read: MANY, many times one person is referred to as "them" or "they". For one reason or other, the use of those words tends to blur answers/questions. That being distinguished, you'll be able to clearly see what my response refers to: BOTH the cheater AND the one who allowed the cheater to do the cheating. Here are THE FACTS about cheatS and cheating: It ALWAYS takes AT LEAST two people to do the act! No matter how you look at it, view it or treat it, cheating constitutes a conspiracy. BOTH sets of parents should be notified. BOTH students or pupils should receive the same unbiased punishment. The one you decide to give each. There are two actions I WOULD NOT consider: 1] Giving them extra work. Assigning extra work for them means YOU ARE giving yourself that extra work, doesn't it? ABSOLUTELY! 2] Keeping them after school as a form of punishment. That "punishment" for them means you are punishing yourself by keeping yourself from doing the things you KNOW YOU HAVE TO DO when you leave that building. Isn't that right? YEP! My suggestions (IF this is not considered too humiliating, embarrassing or against the school district's policy]: 1) For a solid MONTH - 30 SCHOOL days - about 6 weeks - each MUST wear a sign on the chest AND on the back: The sign is printed on a piece of letter-size paper. In THE BIGGEST, BOLDEST SIZE FONT AS POSSIBLE, the sign has language similar to this: "I AM A CHEATER. I WAS CAUGHT CHEATING IN ALOHA GIRL'S CLASS! I KNOW I CANNOT CHEAT ANY MORE. WHEN I CHEAT, I CHEAT MYSELF. I EARNED A FAILING GRADE." The signs are put on at the beginning of EACH school day. The signs are removed at the end of the day. They are to be worn throughout the day. THE ONLY exceptions are for gym OR in case there is a danger of the signs being caught by a piece of equipment (such as tools in wood shop or other shop; cooking AND baking class) or in the case of going to a lab and the Bunsen burners are used. 2) In the conference you have with each child's parents (at different times - AT YOUR convenience): you MUST stress to the parents you will never tolerate that kind of conduct from their child or any other child. You have to be as stern as you possibly can be. Doing those steps will assure the other students in that school from that time on and for as long as the students will remember (the rest of their lives), NO ONE will ever cheat or get caught cheating in ANY of your classes or any of the classes you happen to be monitoring. 3) On the first day of each semester print two signs and put those signs in a very conspicuous place where everyone who comes into YOUR room can easily see them. After everyone in each of your classes is seated and settled. You can point to the signs and ask one Q: "Are there any Qs about what I mean and what these signs mean?" If anyone doesn't understand, ask that person to please read the sign and ask what part of the sign he/she doesn't understand. Once you have everyone's attention and understanding about the signs AND your 0-tolerance for cheating, take the signs down and proceed with that day's lesson. Simple. Easy. AND VERY effective. Thanks for asking your Q! I did my best to answer it. I hope the information helps. VTY, Ron Berue Yes, that is my real last name! Sources: Some personal observations and opinions.
  • Capital F and public humiliation
  • A swift kick in the pants
  • Public humulation in front of the class, zero on assignment, contact parent, and have him do all assignments in isolation for a week.
  • Don't let on that you know they are cheating but document it well. Allow them to cheat and hopefully catch the others cheating with them. When they get to the end fail them for the entire course.
  • Death by stoning. In reality, they are really concentrating and while copying the answers, they should be retaining some of it. Interesting.
  • When you mark their paper, take points off for the cheating that you witnessed. If you are a teacher

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