• Yes, but they are commonly called "caravan parks".
  • Maestro - You just cracked me up with that laughing...Man you have a creative mind LOL Awesome question.. Matt +
  • yes they are not prolific however and not as cool as Trailer Park Boys
  • Yes but not exactly the same as the US
  • Sure, I used to vacation most summers in a trailer park on my uncle's farm on the south coast, near Brighton. One year we rented a trailer in Cornwall.
  • Yes we do in the UK Caravan Parks:-)
  • Yes, here in the UK we have them - but their reputations are very different. At the other end of the scale - we have gypsy's - they are constantly moving. The traditional gypsy just works for a while, cleans up where they have been and moves on. The "other" kind (there's a lot of names that we're not meant to call them) are destructive thieves, who leave said trail of destruction and are constantly in trouble with the police.
  • Yes. But in general people do not live in them, they are more for holidays than living (in the UK at least).
  • Australia does
  • Well. We've got caravan parks. But people don't live in them, they're just for holidays. And then there Butlins :| And other such places where I was terrified of grown men dressed as Bradley Bear, which I still remember the song to thank you very much, and wasting thousand of two pences on the machines.
  • In the UK we do have places for permanent residence which are called mobile home parks. There is one local to me, and it is a very attractive site.
  • Yes, but we don't call them trailer parks. As others have stated, people dont generally live in trailer - or caravan parks - for a long period of time. They're more of a short term residency for people who are travelling around the country via mobile home. There is also an unfortunate stereotype about caravan parks here - that they are predominantly lived in by bogans, dole-bludgers and pedophiles.
  • Yes, in the UK we have caravan parks which are mainly used for holidays.. but we also have travellers sites which are permanent homes for Gypsies (travellers).. they can set up home there and have electricity etc led into their caravans..there is one near me.
  • Yes they do and are called Caravan Parks. The trailers are used by some domestic travelers on a vacation and the rest by other people who use it for permanent living and are not too friendly that I should say.
  • No, only Canada.

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