• The reason people say it's easier to learn your second programming language, is that the hard part for most people is learning how to think like a programmer: how to think in terms of data, program flow, conditionals and storage. With this in mind, you'll find it easy to learn other languages with a similar paradigm. VB and C are both similar enough that you'll just have to learn a new syntax. An object oriented language will look similar, but have different ways of thinking to learn. The same with a functional language like Haskell. All are good for learning about different ways of solving programmable problems. The best way to get started in a new language, I've found, is to sit down with a series of simple tasks you'd like to do, a few example programs, and a reference guide (or a tutorial you'll use as a reference). Actually getting small programs to work is the best way forward, even if all they do is ask the user questions and shuffle the responses around.

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