• i don't have kids but i am one *16 years old* and i have my own opinion on everything, sometimes its the same as theirs and sometimes its diffrent but i have learned not to voice mine about certain things *abortion, african americans, sex, drugs, politics, gay people* all that junk <3
  • Fortunately (in my opinion) Their opinions and way of thinking are much like mine. There may be differences but in general they are very similar. I'm pretty pleased with them. Now... if they just weren't so spoiled. Partly my fault there.
  • For the most part, they view things the same way that I do but they add onto that by thinking independently.
  • They have their own but we agree on many things.
  • you can lead a horse to water, but you cant make him drink...
  • We share a lot of views together but he is a young adult so he has his younger Veiw;)!!
  • One very much shares the same basic beliefs that i do. One *seems to* completely oppose them. One is distinctly half and half.
  • No one was more surprised than I to discover that my son and I have viewpoints that are identical on most things. That was not something I expected, nor even thought about. But it is nice to be able to discuss things and not have to worry about stepping on feelings or ego or whatever. Not only that, my "second son", Old School and I share much that is the same in the way of viewpoint. Since they're both brilliant, that makes me feel very very good! :) ((hugs)) Happy Friday! :)
  • They have some the same as me, but they also have their own.:)
  • In matter that they have their own experiences their views are their own but they do tend to parrot our views in matters which then have no personal knowledge about. I'm sure that will change as they grow up.

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