• Yes!! terrifying!! when i was little. i got found, by the way, and lived happily ever after. sort of. peace.
  • Yeah, a couple times when I was little and a few times as an adult in Europe, last year in France in one of their megamarket, that grocery store was huge.
  • When Wal mart first opened in my town I felt lost... it was so huge!
  • Lost on purpose, LOL.
  • Well I have been lost in Ikea, not necessarily a supermarket, but same concept.
  • Well kind of when I was younger my nephew and I hid on mam under the clothes rails in a super market and i could here her calling my name and Jack(my nephew there is only five years between us ) the security guard was asking her where she saw us last and what we where wearing. Thinking back now that I am much older she must have been frightend so bad, but you know when your younger you dont realise what fear really is to parents but I eventually jumped out and said BOOO she screamed at me and I got a good telling off but we both just thought it was funny (my nephew and I) but now obviously dont...
  • Yes, when I was about 5 years old. My mom was in the next aisle talking to someone she knew and I couldn't hear her anymore. I panicked and ran the complete opposite direction looking for her. It was dramatic =D
  • yeah i have. the security people had to call my parents over the intercom and my parents were worried
  • Nope :)
  • I never get lost inside, however sometimes I have trouble remembering where I parked my car in the lot.
  • No, but I've had horrible times remembering where I parked my car.
  • this song is why the clash broke up, so idea boy could start big audio dynamite the next DEVO
  • i have been when i was little. now i just lose things. set my cell phone down last time in walmart and it took me forever to find it.... talk about panic
  • I once had a panic attack in a supermarket and I withdrew from reality for a little while--not knowing where I was--so I had to down a Valium. After the Valium kicked in, I was fine.
  • One time I got so stoned I was in a store and couldn't find my way around and couldn't remember why I was there. When I finally got out into the parking lot, I couldn't find my car. (it was the only car in the parking lot) Then I couldn't remember how to get home and I was only 2 blocks from home. No wonder they call it dope.
  • No but I've had a hard time finding something when a store places things in weird places.
  • that song kicks grapes but anyway, yes. It happens to all of us country bumpkins when we go to a Wal-Mart of Shopko.

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