• I think they should be done away with since everything revolves around internet or plastic...but, we leave ourselves open for idenity theft with the new technology.....I am so confused...;)
  • I still keep a checkbook and use it from time to time; I suppose it's what we're brought up with. Don't get me wrong, I use debit cards and credit cards as well as cash, but for some things I just prefer checks.
  • I like to use my checkbook when I can, If I use my debit card I usually forget to put it down in my records and the in about a week I get the mail and say "OH SHIT!!!"
  • I still make heavy use of mine, prefer to pay my bills that way rather than auto-pay or similar things.
  • I still use checks for "mail in" paying, as in utility bills, etc.
  • Of course checkbooks have a purpose. My power company accepts payment by check, free, but charges for electronic payment. They are also useful for paying private individuals who do not have merchant accounts
  • I think its good to have a checkbook handy just in case you're broke as a joke the last few days before your paycheck. That way you could write a few hot checks for the things you need and they won't go through until after your paycheck is in the bank. Works everytime. Well....almost everytime.
  • There are many times when checkbooks are better. My renters use their checkbooks to pay their rent, and they have an automatic copy of their payment in the book.
  • not completely, but getting there. eventually it will change...
  • they are as extinct as paper money. soon they will be no more!
  • Do you own an ATM card? If you do, you and millions of others like you should be using checkbook style record keeping with the checkbook registers if you want to keep accurate track of your transactions. As for actual paper checks? They are probably on their way out, but they will still be around for quite a while yet.
  • I go through around 30 cheques per month...I find it much easier to keep the books doing it that way...I dont like Debit Cards....problem is less and less outlets are taking cheques these days....I suppose they will become obsolete one day.
  • We use our checkbook to pay bills, use cash for about everything else. We carry a debit card in case of emergency. You are far less likely to overspend when using cash. Plus, I wouldn't want to encourage any one in any way to use credit cards.
  • I don't think they are extinct, but I do think they aren't used as much as they used to be. I only use checks to mail my bills in and for everything else, I use my debit card. There are too many places that do not accept checks and I like the fact that when I use my debit card it comes directly out and there is no waiting for the check to clear the bank.
  • No I use them to mail bills, I use my debit card for almost everything else.
  • They're being phased out, for sure. Those cards and online/electronic payments are soon to be the knight who slays that beast. Someone like me doesn't even have a checking account to worry about stuff like that, though.

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