• five cents.
  • What is a Correctional Billing Service?
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  • the calls seem to be a bit under $5 for a bit over 15min
  • This company is terrible however it's one of the only for select facilities that you can establish an account. Since signing up with them on 2/13/09 i have endured numerous mishaps and poor customer service. What i've found is that the only way you can get a cheap rate, is if you have a local number to the facility. The further away you live the more costly it will be. I ended up buying a pre-paid cell phone, setting it up with the zip code where the facility is located. In addition to adding minutes on the cell phone which runs pretty cheap, i also add money to my CBS account and my calls come in at $2.64 (don't forget to include tax) for 15 mins. Why cheaper then what i was paying...close to $16 per call, but such a headache to have to figure out. Hope my feedback can help someone else! Cheers!!

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