• This has since been found to occur at 57.15% ethanol. Estimated, it is 50% ethanol.
  • means your gona get wasted if you drink 2 much of
  • 50 percent alcohol
  • It is the amount of alcohol by vol. If the % is 20% = 40 proof....50% = 100 proof. Proof is twice the percentage.
  • In the early days of customs duty, only highly fortified such as brandy spirits were taxed. And the test, the proof, of it being strong enough to be taxed was that it could be poured onto gunpowder, and the gunpowder would still ignite. Weaker spirits had too much water and the gunpowder would not burn. It has been subsequently found that this equates to 57.15 % alcohol, as superpanda2 has already said. This level is called 100% proof. See

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