• Agenda 21 is in effect in the USA now. It calls for removing people from the land making large areas illegal for people to enter into. Some areas may allow foot traffic only. You may have heard the term "sustainable growth". This is causing areas to be specially designed for people to live in with no motorized or very restricted transportation. There is also Agenda 2030 which destroys sovereignty between various countries and areas. As I recall there are 17 points to Agenda 2030 which depopulates much of the world. Agenda 2050 completes the destruction of mankind. Don't say this cannot happen as it is happening now. There are a large number of youtube videos and many books available explaining the various agendas.
    • Linda Legion
      Thanks Thinker, I'm from the UK so I'd not heard of it. I came across it because someone said it was racist. What do you think of that, regardless of your political allegiances?

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