• Extremely. Mc Bush and "Caribou Barbie" might even be worse than the present administration, if you can conceive of that! (I know it's difficult)
  • After watching the debates... yes! Mccain seems so uptight, nervous, and slow just like "Ol W".
  • They cant please people do the right thing and don't vote for them please!!!
  • No, it's much scarier to imagine Mc Cain and Palin not running the U.S.A
  • It is going to be very scary no matter who is elected. We have McSame - same as current administation or the Socialist, Obama.... Either way it is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.
  • if that happens im moving to mexico.!!!!!!!!!
  • No, I'm more of afraid of idiotic people who can't spell or even use spell check. It just goes to show how pathetic our nation is becoming that people can't take the time, or don't have the skill to turn their thoughts into legible sentences. Oh, and the president doesn't run the whole country. You know, just a quick FYI.
  • nah. this country was not built by one single administration and will not be taken down by one single administration. everything will be all right, eventually
  • Extremely.
  • No. I like the fact that they tend to trust the American people with their money, children and time. Obama's policies of government first will get us nowhere. Unless you want to count deeper in debt, a further depressed economy and socialized medicine. Read his policies. What can government do for you? Everything. It can raise your children while you go to work to pay more taxes, it can take money from those that know how to spend it and give it to those that choose not to do for themselves and it can take power unconstitutionally from the states and grow itself like a raging fire.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Youre an evil moronic piece of shit.
  • Yes, but it's also scarey to imagine Obama and Biden. Both options suck.
  • No scarier than thinking that Bush/Cheney have been running it for the past 8. Seriously, at this point, anything would be an improvement.
  • it would be a nightmare...
  • well as answering simple personal questions!!
  • Maybe for you yo...
  • no, but its scary to think mccain could kick the bucket and palin become pres
  • Horrifying! Like Godzilla and Rodan, yo!
  • Lesser of two evils in my opinion.
  • I've been scared since I was old enough to understand what politics really is. Instead of just listening to them talk, maybe we should have everything in writing to read over before we vote.
  • It is far scarier to hand the government over to the number 1 and number 3 most liberal, nay, socialistic, senators. At least Palin has executive experience. As anyone knows that has run a business, corporation, city, or state...being a decision maker takes decisiveness and confidence; qualities that need to be in place before entering the job. Plus, think about this, due to Obama's past associations with activists and outright anti-American socialist, he could not get a job with the FBI, US Marshal, CIA, and probably the US Mint.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      God I hate people like you. Stupid fascist asshole who would give control to a retard, just to be a good little tool. A tool for evil republicans. I hope for you Hell is real. Because you deserve it.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      By the way, you misspelled "expiring mind".

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