• Because they remember how much grief they caused their parents?
  • Its not that people actually "hate" them. I don't think anybody would do that. Probably people are upset by the inconveniences brought by them at times. Its quite natural that we get into trouble for what the kids do and we don't like that but still have to take the consequences too. After all kids are kids... So its only we the adults have to understand them rather than expecting the kids to do what we like.
  • Being a kid and raising a kid are two entirely different things. One requires no outlay of responsibility at all and one requires 24hs, 7days a week, 365 days a year responsibility for approximately 16 years.
  • We are all different, and so are they. Some don't like teens, others don't like the old, to each their own.
  • Being "horny" gives people amnesia.
  • My husband and I don't have kids by choice but do like kids.We always do well in family elections when it comes to favorite aunts and uncles ;)
  • Because they are responsible. Having been a child doesn't make you a good parent. There are more than enough children out there who are in horrible living situations, have parents that should have never had kids, and have parents that are still children themselves. Thank you to all those out there who paused a moment before bringing a life into the world to really think about it and make an adult decision. I'm not saying that no one should have kids. For some, it's what they feel is their purpose in life. That's wonderful. For others it isn't. They are no less than those who do.
  • not all people should have kids. I think people who know that they dont have the energy or the desire to dedicate to a child are very smart for knowing that. kids are hard, kids change your life. If you want to be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company chances are you may not have the time to have a baby and go on maternity leave. You might desire to travel rather than changing diapers. I want to have kids but its not for everyone.
  • Kidless by choice here and all I can say is that this choice is not because I hate kids. I rather like them but "Kids are great as long as you can give them back!" has always been my motto. I am free to come and go as I please, travel if I want to and not have the worries that go along with having children. I have a niece and several nephews and that is good enough for me!
  • It beats me. I love kids. But if we take the responsibility seriously, it is a lot of work and consumes ones life.
  • Sure, but I didn't have to raise myself.
  • What does having been one had to do with wanting one? Yes. I was kid. I didn't really get a choice in that matter. I do not want to have any. I -hate- kids. Therefore, I should not have any. Just cause you were one has nothing to do with wanting to have some. Should ex-alcoholics be okay with alcoholics cause they were one? o.O Not everyone is meant to raise children. Children are expensive, time consuming, burdens. If you aren't by nature a nurturing person who loves children I don't see why it's wrong to not want any. My mother didn't even want me. I was born as a gift to my father cause he wanted kids.
  • Some people have fears of kids and cant stand to be around them. Its all in their minds. Personally I love children and have a 6 year old.
  • Perhaps that is the very reason why.
  • Why not? Not everyone wants children and considering how many unwanted and uncared for children there are in the world today I say good on them.
  • Maybe they are too into themselves, or they can't handle raising a child. Of course they were kids once, but that doesn't mean they want to raise a child.
  • being a kid once is different from dealing with them as an adult. I have 3 them, but if i were to do it all over again I don't think I would. No freedom, no privacy and you stay stressed out and worried most of the time.
  • Its a lifestyle choice honey..Kids like other kids, adults well to be honest some of us don't mix well with others never mind have the patience it takes to bring children into this world. There are however many adults whom would love to have children and can't....
  • I was a very difficult kid for my parents. I know my kid would be the same way for me, and I'm just not willing to spend my time raising a difficult kid.
  • There are so many great answers here already I don't know what else to say. Everyone was a kid yes but that doesn't mean everyone will say okay I guess I will have one and raise one because my mom and dad had me. That just isn't a very good reason. I think if a person makes a choice that they don't want children and use protection to insure they don't have one, I say that is very smart of them.
  • Being a kid once doesn't mean you will be a good parent. It's sometimes a personal choice thing... They know themselves well enough to know they would not make a good parent, so they choose not to have any, at least at this time. And if, in the future, they decide they think they can be good parents, they can have them then, or they can adopt. There are children all over the world in orphanages, and foster care who need real, full-time, adoptive parents.

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