• Happens all the time.
  • Many times.
  • absolutely. after being there for her through tough time as soon as things got good she just stop even trying to talk to me. i graduated and moved away she never even tried getting a hold of me. its been about 5 months now.
  • friend? no. boyfriend? yes
  • yes, its complicated.
  • No. They have always been there when I needed help. However, I have not always been there for them. Sometimes I feel that I'm not a good friend because of that.
  • Yes, and it hurts.
  • Nope. There's always been a reason.
  • yes, and when i asked her about it, she said "she doesnt know why she does that to people" then she wanted to be friends again, and did it again. then, when she wanted to be friends again, i told her i could not leave myself vulnerable again and could not be friends again. We ran into each other every now and then, and she was super friendly, and gave me her number, but i threw it away... i dont have time for flakes.
  • Yes...a few people I thought were my friends have. A few when I was a lot younger. You know how teens can be....they find other "cool" people they like hanging out with more, and drop a bunch of their friends like hot potatoes. A very, very few seemed to have dropped off the radar when it became apparent to them what my orientation was. But then, if someone you think is a friend turns their back on you, were the really "real" friends in the first place?
  • Hell yeah! She "broke up" with me because she said I only called when I needed her. She wasn't there for me when I separated from my husband, and she said that she couldn't be friends with someone who always backs out. I backed out because I was on my own and broke! I thought she'd understand that, but I guess not.
  • Yes. It was devastation beyond what I can even convey. It took me a long time to realize that my friend had issues that I simply couldn't keep up with. It also took a while to recognize that real life friend and real friend for life are two starkly different concepts.
  • I wouldn't know, friends are friends as long as theyare active in my life... when they are no longer they are no longer. I do not form strong bonds.
  • No. I've known why every time.
  • And so goes the days of my life. No worries, it's all good, that's why I have no friends. Except for the ball and chain and kids, but their forced to, and rather not have to get their arse kicked all over town by their dellcate mother...(MWA)...I know right? No mean? LOL ;]
  • Yes, my friend of 25 years dropped me because I changed religion.
  • well, a girl I was seeing suddenly just stopped seeing me. We had dinner, she dropped me off saying , 'call you tomorrow', kiss goodbye, etc...then, never again! NOTHING. Not an email, phone call...I still have her house key! We dated about 2 months. It was going okay I guess. Never anything bad. It was moving kinda slow because we were both so busy at the end of the summer but...really? No phone call even?
  • Yes, recently, and I found the reason was because she wants to indulge in drama that is purely high school when we are both grown women.
  • not that im aware of
  • yes, and he was also my roommate he just got up and left one day....I have talked to him maybe three times in the last five years he still has given me no reason why he moved or quit talking to his friends
  • Yes, and i dont really care. Shes a fat and bitter bitch.
  • Yes and it hurts. It's horrible but eventually you will hela and you will realize that if your friend did that they were never a good friend
  • yep after college she moved back to her parents house hours away so i never saw her physically anymore but we kept in touch via myspace and she'd call now and then...and one day she deleted her myspace or deleted me and stopped calling.
  • Yep. I went to one high school he went to another. It started in the 8th grade slowly since he got a girlfriend in the summer between 7th-8th grade, but our friendship didn't end until we got into high school. I remember I left him 9 voice messages over a span of a week, no call back, nothing. So I said fuck that. It used to be him, me, and another friend of mine. My other friend and I are still cool with each other but he just ditched us. The funny thing is is that they went to the same school, and he ditched my other friend as well lol No reason. REALLY! No reason whatsoever.
  • Why yes she did, but its okay it bothers me a little bit because we were friends since we were 12 and 13yrs old, but people change we were friends for the last 16 yrs. what can you do im not gonna lie it kinda bothers me because she blew me off for someone who all she ever does is talk about and for her little bitch ass bf but whateva it's her lose not mine i have always been there for her, so when they brake up and the other girl she hangs with sooner or later won't be allowed to hang with her anymore i won't be around. Thats how the ball rolls

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