• Love does not hurt. Being hurt by some one you love does.
  • When you place your heart in someone else's hands, you are left vulnerable. This exerpt from "The Prophet" by Kahlil Gibran may help you appreciate the pain with the joy. (It's a beautiful book.)
  • Whenever you open your heart to someone, you open yourself to the pain will that eventually come. You can't love someone and not feel pain at some point. Let's face it, people die, get ill, move away, breakup, etc. Unless you want to live your life alone, keeping walls all around you, you will feel pain. Pain part of love, if you never feel any pain, then you never loved.
  • because on the opposite side it feels so amazingly wonderful. it is the best and worst feeling in the world. When it changes from wonderful to hurt it seems immesurably greater than it would otherwise because you have lost that which is most precious.
  • Because it also feels so good. Love is a high cost high return type of thing. When it's good it's great and when it's bad it truly sucks.
  • I really don't know.. I myself am in pain currently.. I wish to turn off that defect.. But sometimes, it helps to win back those who you lost. Pain, because you have lost someone. The pain makes you want that person back. Because you miss what he or she has given you, that nobody else has given.. you just want it again.
  • Quoted in GREY OF FALLODEN by G M Trebvelyan: "We cannot love very much without suffering much, and the very pain of our suffering is an evidence of the strength of our love, so that we cannot ever wish grief to be less than it is and must be."
  • It's bred in the bone that the more powerful an emotion is the more it's gonna hurt when it's damaged. It's like the higher up you are on a rollercoaster, the more intense the ride down will be.
  • I can explain why you are hurt, but it is only by saying that when you love someone who does not love you back that it hurts. True love between two people is the most wonderful feelings in the world. When you give you love to someone who does not love you, it will hurt. Love has to be able to flow both ways, in order to work properly.
  • I have never known it to hurt. I have only found the lack of it to hurt.
  • life hurts. did you really think that things in life dont hurt? people come, people go (RIP kelsey) there's nothing we can do about it.
  • A friend once told me "the measure of love is the pain it brings." It's the most powerful force on the planet, and there are good and bad consequences.

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