• I think it's good to know who is/was willing to serve their country and not just have their country serve them.
  • We are all fed up of a certain candidate who has no greater language skills, and there are so many words that are being repeated that it has become boring. Here are some issues for you to see with their corresponding links, try to see them ASAP or they will be replaced: Rallies and Debate 10/7: 1] During Palin’s rally on 10/7 she and a friend using a Police Uniform used racial slurs against Obama. Democrats have complained for racism + most media explained that McCain has left the dirty work for Sarah Palin See the enclosed link under Hardball and Nightly News, better to watch all the videos they are excellent. 2]McCain’s Chief of staff Mark Buse fired over gay issue 3] McCain’s Adviser Charlie Black fired: He claimed a terrorist attack on the US would help McCain’s campaign 4] During the debate: McCain was explaining who had voted for tax cuts for the oil companies and said: Guess who voted for it – that one- pointing at Obama. This was highly criticized by the attending public and the media. Sorry to drop this but I can not be back till tonight & I know you will use them well. Thanks

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