• While that may be true, not to mention hormones, I think it is more about the fact that women are created with the ability to have children, for I believe the female anatomy changes a bit after having kids, especially after having quite a few. I am NOT sexist!
  • women's leg and pelvic structure are actually different from men's, which accounts for some, if not all, differences in gait.
  • Anatomy. The3 pelvis is a different shape in women (for childbearing). THis makes women swing their hips.
  • I think it has something to do with the differences in our bone structure--both pelvis and legs--but I can't find anything to back that up. Hope someone answers who can provide scientific resources.
  • For the same reason that a forensics expert can tell by one look whether a skeleton is male or female. They are built differently.
  • So that the guys notice them.They walk with a beautiful gait and that would make any man look at them but the opposite is true for a man. You would never notice a man walk unless he is trying to show off!I have no idea about the clinical reasons!
  • Men have penises, and women have vaginas, this could be a factor.

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