• It can be, but that depends. If you have the flu or something and explain to the child that you are simply ill like they some times get and that you will get better, then they will usually understand and will want to help you get better. If you explain that it is because you are pregnant and sometimes that upsets your stomach, they will probably understand too. Children can be very compassionate when someone they love/care about is not well. But on the other hand, if a child knows and understands that you are throwing up due to self infliction like anorexia, drugs or alcohol, this can be harmful. Knowing that anorexia, drugs or alcohol caused the vomiting and that it could of been prevented by not doing the drugs or alcohol or sticking your finger down your throat can be confusing to them. Most children know that people shouldn't do things that can harm them and are taught at a young age that drugs and alcohol can harm them. So, if they see you throwing up because you did something bad, they are going to wonder why you would want to harm yourself. The deviation from what they know to be correct can be very confusing and lead them to try something similar to help themselves to understand what you are doing and why. The best thing to do is explain to the child why you are sick, and that you will get better, and if you are sick because of drugs or alcohol, then stay away from the child. If the child is too young to understand an explanation, then stay away from them while you are sick, because even though they won't understand why, they will understand that something is wrong. And regardless, throwing up is gross, no one wants to see it (unless they have some sick fetish), so you should try not to do it front any one!
  • How many times did the kid throw up after being born, all kids throw up, it is natural. If you suddenly chuck up in front of your kid, just say, this is a human re-action when your body rejects whatever you have eaten lately. Why would it harm the psych, kid's are human too and will chuck up sooner or later in life, it is part of life. Just as long as you don't re-eat your chuck, what harm can it do?
  • all of this is true, she gave a pretty accurate answer. childrens minds are a completely blank slate until it becomes filled with emotions and ideas from others. as parents, it is our responsibility to fill their slates with positive and helpful emotions and ideas. often, when a parent is unwell, the child may become fearful for their parent's well-being. the good thing that comes from this is when they see that the parent is healed. seeing this eventual healing is great, because they quickly learn that illness (and generally anything bad)is simply a phase that ends. they learn that nothing is forever, especially when their parent heals from the flu, for example. explain the dynamics of vomiting and illness, and they will know, personally, what and why it happens, and therefore become more comfortable with it. when you explain the facts and science behind anything, they feel informed, and not left out of anything. when a child is informed of the facts of throwing up they can simply and calmly say to themselves "mommy or daddy is throwing up, because their immune system is working to protect their body", instead of just "mommy or daddy is throwing up and i dont know why". a child always feel better after they know what is going on. so instead of shielding him or her from it, explain it to him and let him know it is as natural as sneezing. children live what they learn, and being comfortable with the natural human body is so important to every child, the sooner the better. i hope this helped. -Ashley (ps i received my bachelors degree in psychology, so dont worry, im not just mindlessly babbling lol)
  • probably

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