• Honestly, I could never work in a prison. I have a hard time driving by one. They scare me to death.
  • Although I would no doubt view them differently, I would like to know who was in for strangling their grandmother and who was in for selling pot. That way I would have some idea what they are capable of.
  • To guard them properly, I should have an idea of the conviction against the inmates I guard most frequently. I think in a perfect world I would say it doesn't matter why they are there, but if I were totally honest I might say the crime will determine how I react to them. In some cases that is justified. A murder should and is treated differently than say a white collar criminal like Marthsa Stewart for example. In fact, my responsibilitis may require me to treat them differently.
  • I just saw a sign on I25 in Denver, it said; "correction facility near, DO NOT PICK UP HITCHHICKERS"! No, I never would work in one. I think I could stand all of them except the baby killers and pediphiles. Prison is too good for them.
  • i would like to know..i would have to know how to act with each of them..and i would have to know what signs to look for if there was any danger
  • I would like to know out of curiosity but if i was working there I wouldn't want to know. Cause then I would act differently around each one and cause even more distrust and hate between cons and guards.
  • I think I would want to know, strickly for my safety. If I knew one con had embeseled money from a company and the other was a violent repeat offender, my eyes are gonna be watching the repeat violent offender a little more often then the embeseler.
  • All correctional facilities have seperate cell blocks for felons in most cases. As far as the misdemeanors go, they're usually placed in general population along with several hundred detainees. The majority of the correctional officers or persons having direct contact within the facility have knowledge of each inmates crime. This stems from work place gossip to the inmates themselves speaking of their convictions. But my answer is yes, I would like to know if certain inmates could be targeted upon for violence, for my own safety. Without a doubt, I know that child predators/offenders, serial rapists, etc. have been beaten or died from injuries due to an attack, within the prison systems. So therefore, I'd know to stand clear of these inmates. I wouldn't want to be in the cross-fire or a possible attack from violent offenders. A convicted/sentenced person is likely to immediately transported to a classification unit. This is where the prisoner is found to be violent, non-violent, drug offender, sexual offender, high risk for obsconding, HIV and HEP tested, etc. etc.. This process takes several weeks. Once completed, the inmate is transfered to a designated housing facility and is placed with others that have similiar convictions. I worked within a correctional facility for 6 years.
  • I think that all correctional officers do get to know who is in for what, as they have access to their files. It is the volunteers who don't know. I went into various prisons as a singer/evangelist, and did not know who we were dealing with unless they told us. It was only minimum security in the male prisons, but there were still some rough guys in there, even max prisoners about to be released. However, to us, they were sweet as pie. We never had any troubles. The womens' and juvenile prisons were even more unknown, as there was no separation between minium and maximum. We did find out that one lady who seemed quite nice had killed her husband....
  • I would not want to know because if I found out that they had violated children, well...they wouldn't be leaving, that's for sure.
  • I would definitely want to know why and yes i would treat each person differently according to who and what they are.
  • Yes, I sure would, although if I ever asked, they'd all tell me they were innocent! I'm sure rumors spread, I'd be most fascinated with the professional thieves :)
  • no, i dont think i would want to know

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