• Oh geez, 1995? I was still in my old house and school, in the crappier part of town. Sure has been a while.
  • OJ's trial? I have no reason to remember. He means less to me than Rosie Grier. So what was the last thing HE was in the news for? Hint: He was in the same room as Bobby Kennedy, in Los Angeles.
  • I actually remember that I was coming back from school (grade 10) and all the people in the bus we talking about the trial....apart from that, I'm not really sure...My mother was having chemo at the time so I suppose I went home and prepared supper so it would be ready when my father came back from work with my brother who was in grade 6 at the time.....
  • I was in the suburb of Bossley Park sydney. I might have been working (as a casual teacher) or I could have been at home.
  • I was 30, living in the South running after my two kids wiping their butts and noses.
  • Just moved to this dump town because of divorce #2, hooked up w/ soon-to-be-now-divorced-from husband #3, and it gets worse from there before it got better!
  • I was...probably...eating...because it's around dinner time now. >.<
  • applauding the verdict...jason (OJs son) was the one who killed them
  • I was busy working and raising my daughters, living about 2 miles from where I do now. I remember when we heard about the OJ verdict some friends and I were eating at a diner that had a TV over the counter, and everyone in the diner boooooooooooooooooooed.
  • 13 years ago i was less than a year old... I don't remember where i was...
  • I didn't pay too much attention to the trial. I watched some updates on ESPN. I was working at a remote site in New Jersey, part of a data center migration.
  • I was in Granada, España (Spain) serving a mission. As a matter of fact, I was training a new missionary. Since missionaries don’t watch TV, listen to the radio, read the newspaper, etc., we actually didn’t hear the verdict until a couple of weeks later, when my companion got a letter from his parents that happened to include the following passage: “In case you’re interested, the O.J. trial is over. Not guilty.” He shared this information with the rest of us, who agreed that, having known virtually nothing about the trial up to that point, we were more than content to not know any more. ;-)
  • I was commercial fishing. We had no TV or radio. Only CB/VHF radios and all the fisherman were talking about it on air. 13 years, wow. Time flies.
  • I was in 6th grade. And I knew he was guilty.
  • I was living in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and screaming at the TV, he is so guilty!!!
  • I think I was home watching the trial and was probably the only person who thought the jury made the right decisions. I have no idea whether or not O.J. was guilty, but the burden of proof was on the prosecution and I felt that they did not prove their case.
  • I was stationed at Fort Bremerton, Wa. as a Marine M.P. keeping approx. 15,000 transient Naval personnel in line and out of trouble on shore leave in Seattle.
  • I was probably watching TV and heard the verdict as it came on TV. I used to watch the old (and better) Court TV a lot.
  • In Physics class, senior year of high school. We spent about 1% of class time studying physics, and the other 99% talking about the OJ trial. My lab partner, who was also my neighbor and close friend, was the nephew of the former VP of Aris Isotoner gloves, so naturally he was extremely interested in the case.
  • eighth grade band class. practice was stopped and we were allowed to listen to the radio broadcast over the PA system.
  • I was at work and very very pregnant (gave birth two weeks later) and was shocked to hear he'd gotten away with it.
  • In October of 1995 we were living in Dayton, Ohio. I was working at a mail order company in their accounting department.

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