• Try a camera store, a professional one, not Circuit City or Bestbuy. Ask them for photo gels. Good luck.
  • I'm looking for the same for a school project - have you found any yet jamamiss?
  • As a veteran of using media as a teaching assistant and college instructor, I don't recommend them at all. The colors always look washed out and uneven, and the reduced contrast makes the text had to read. For overheads, legibility is all. If you really want it, your best bet is to have a full service printing shop do it for you from electronic files. It may be cheaper than buying an expensive pack of special stock. If you really want to use color on the cheap, don't use colored transparency stock directly. Use clear stock, and pair it with a separate single sheet of colored stock. Experiment wit the various types of colored stock until you get the best effect, and simply leave that sheet on the projector and place your printed stock on top of it. If you want to use color effectively, it's best to use a projector connected to a laptop or good old 35 millimeter slides. Good luck!

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