• Use a shop vac if you already have them. Then use a rubber stopper afterwards.
  • Pour bleach down the drain after cleaning the whole sink. Make certain there are no plants or any standing water around as well...
  • Pour a half- cup of salt, then a half-cup of baking soda followed by a cup of vinegar into the drain. Let the drain foam for as long as possible, even overnight, then flush with boiling water. For temporary control of flying drain flies, use aerosol insecticides designed for small flying insects. These generally contain pyrethrins or resmethrin and will kill adult flies. The sprays, however, won't kill larvae and should not be sprayed into drains.
    • mushroom
      "should not be sprayed into drains."...because the insecticide will eventually get washed into waterways.
  • I say bleach - it kills everything
  • Spray a bleach solution in the drain at night before bed.

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