• Misguided, I truly think the intel was crappy, or at least outdated.
  • He was lying and HE KNEW he was lying. . Perhaps he thought the cause of 'liberating Iraq' was worth lying about, but every bit of evidence that has emerged since the war began indicates that the Bush administration knew that their intelligence was weak/flawed/contradictory. Even conservative Republican (and then-House Majority Leader) Dick Armey says so. . . . .
  • I think a lot folks know there was flawed intel. However, I think most people believe that, despite that, he knew he wasn't telling the truth.
  • He was lying and completely aware of his lying.The war was a complete deception and the country fell for it.
  • It believe it was his intent from the git-go...9/11 happened and he manipulated that into giving him an excuse..he would have found a way in any case. Just my opinion. Happy Thursday! :)
  • Well this is funny your #1 answer at the time made me laugh. Why do some people choice to ignore that Saddam's Military was shooting at our planes in the no fly zone and resumed the war and Bush Went to the UN and Congress and got everything ok'd and Saddam told us he had the weapons and would use them on us. This Ad Infinitum Politcs is quite funny just because you ask a question enough times doesn't mean you'll get the answer you want. However if that is your goal you will be greatly unhappy because eventaully everbody will tell you what you want to hear regardless of the the truth which leads to failure and insanity.
  • Knowing that every other intelligence agency on the planet had the same information, knowing that we extracted huge amounts of yellow cake uranium from Iraq, knowing that even the Iraqi scientists told is that they had not stopped researching WMDs, knowing all that - Bush lied. Clearly he did because that is what the public wants him to have done. The fact that EVERY other country on the planet agreed with our intelligence and we were authorized by the UN to invade means nothing. Absolutely nothing.
  • Umm...Actually Iraq had MWD's. I have a letter to prove it. After going through a certain area our sensors went off and we had to don our protective gear. we were told to be decontaminated. I have a letter stating that we were exposed to chemical warfare agents.
  • I think he does the best he can in very difficult situations. I would have bet they had them too and were willing to use them
  • It was just one of his infamous Freudian slips, what he really meant to say was "weapons of mass distraction" - Oops!

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