• Running at 2 ohms, a Type S will not be able to take the 500W RMS. The Type R is the way to go. Alpine engineers their equipment to run together. An MRP500 amplifier was engineered to drive a single Type R. It is a great matchup. Depending on the type of bass you prefer, you also should consider the type of enclosure you will use.
  • I'm stickin w/ Josh. I've heard a pair of the Alpine type Rs they're amazing. low notes, high notes, all the kinds that you feel everywhere. These things slam and i've never heard anything bad abt them. Go for the type R for sure!!
  • ok kool yea i was lookin at something that slams to everything cuz i listen to alot of metal and rock. and for an encloser i just have a bassworks ported sub box not sure on spec or anything
  • thanx guys ill be most likely goin with a type r since the type r where im from is like 50 bucks more so it seems to be the better deal from what u guys are saying

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