• Seeing a play?! ;-)
  • LOL My girlfriend is into that "cultural enrichment" She does things, JUST SO she can tell people about them later and show off her cultural 'enrichment'. Its disgusting :P I run into cultural enrichment and its totally natural whenever I do, so I never feel guilty for hunting it down... I think more people should do that. I love food so I have pretty much tried every famous cuisine and all their famous dishes you can think of. Chinese, arabic, african, westindian, paki/indian, french... and the best part is to try the sub-cuisines within the cuisines. Like, lebanese specialties are COMPLETELY different than Iraqi or Afghani specialties. You can't find the things you eat in northern indian when you go to a south indian restaurant.
  • To see a full professional city orchestra present some classical pieces. Going to the art museum. Poetry reading groups. And hanging out in local cafe's.
  • traveling to a foreign country and experiencing it first hand. If one can't afford that, listen to it's music.
    • Roaring
      Yes. Was my first choice when I had savings to travel.
    • Werewolf87
      One day I plan to travel to Florence, Scotland then back to Australia to the place of my Brother's birth.

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