• Oh yes....I think the stray animals pass the word to come to my house because I take care of them! Sometimes there are some animals that are afraid for a while. One of those "afraid" dogs I encountered is now on my couch asleep. He made himself right at home after I started feeding him regularly. Then again, I have a beagle that was a stray when I found her. I've had her 5 years now and she STILL is afraid of me and all humans. You just never know what they experienced in their past.
  • More like they think I'm a sucker. Oooooooo poor me, my fur is all narley and ssticky and I'm soooo hungry, look, over there (pointing a furry finger in no particular direction) it's CaRbOnPrOdUcT the sucker, legs go live on her....then let's complain and beg then cry a little before we ask her if we can sleep in her hoo
  • I would like to agree with you. These stray animals in their wandering around have perhaps grown more accustomed to strangers like you and me.
  • Yes, especially the kittens. They seem to be calling me "mommy, we're here!!!"
  • Yes. I have been told that I have a special bond with animals.
  • Without a doubt! That's why I am known as "Ellie Mae" by my family and anyone else who knows me personally. If anyone finds a stray, injured, or sick animal (wild or domestic) they call "Ellie Mae". In fact, only in my family would one "inherit" a skunk from a cousin who died. Animals of all genre, breeds, ages, and sizes have made my life much more interesting and fulfilling! Kids LOVE to come to my house! ;o)
  • Most of my animals adopted me by coming to my door and staying....
  • yes .. very much so :)
  • Yes, most animals seem to like or at least trust me. I was a delivery man for years and only ran onto two dogs that gave me a hard time.
  • If you see all the strays I feed you would agree.
  • Dogs-yes. Cats-no--they just seem to run away and are so skiddish.
  • Only if I feed them
  • Yes, I found an injured mountain lion a month ago. He was a full grown adult with a bad limp on his right front leg and was skinny from not being able to hunt. I took him a big mixed bowl of cat and dog food every day for a couple of weeks. He would let me get within 10 feet of him. He gained weight and improved and after a couple of weeks was just gone. I can only assume he felt good enough to move on. He never made an aggressive move towards me or showed an agressive expression on his face. He seemed to understand that I was trying to help. I'll never look at mountain lions the same again and could never kill one after that experience, (not that I wanted to before)
  • YES! and I hate it.
  • .. and stray people too.
  • Yes, all kinds of critters wander over to our house. We've had stray cats and dogs, and even wild animals seem very happy here. Chipmunks and chickadees eat from our hands.
  • I have noticed that. I believe most animals, people included, have a keen sense about intent. Well, that and the food and water bowls outside the door. :)

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