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  • No. What's more important to me is liking myself.
  • I think a lot of people, myself included, attempt suicide because we feel unloved and lonely which usually means I feel as nobody would miss me if I were gone so that means nobody likes me or my good qualities. People who feel loved and who feel they have a lot of friends don't usually attempt it
  • I would commit suicide for other reasons not because no one likes me, if they dont like me thats their problem not mine.
  • God, no. I'd only ever consider doing that if every person that *I* love was taken from me. I may not always be liked, but I know that I am loved. Even if I wasn't loved, that wouldn't keep me from wanting to live so I could love others.
  • heck no. i like myself and my pets love me the way i am so screw everyone else if they dislike me. i could care less!lol
  • theni would of done it a long time ago. actually thats a lie cause there are a few who like me so ..anyway still no
  • Absolutely not. I wouldn't let another person's opinion bother me. I would take a look at myself and see if there is something I need to fix in myself. I would try to find better friends to be around. I would try to focus on the positive things, and not the negative things.
  • no. that is not even an option. if i was feeling hostility from people and i didnt have any close friends, i would just keep reaching out to others. i would keep on giving of myself ~ i find that when i do, life blesses me a hundredfold. when you put out good energy and good thoughts and positivity ~ it finds you. thats the law of attraction. it has never failed me. sometimes there are periods in life where you may not resonate with some of the people around you. it may seem they do not like you, but that may be a misperception. it may just be that you have grown apart and they are treating you like an outsider because you are not on their wavelength anymore. it happens sometimes in life. those are the times when you have to do some soul searching and realize who you are, embrace your beauty and talents, and envision what you want out of life. think about what type of people you want to attract into your life. what interests and/or hobbies do you have that you want to share with these people? visualize what you want out of life and go for it... i am a firm believer if you dream that dream and follow that path, happiness will find you. just a thought~ sometimes the root cause of this kind of malcontent is depression. psychotherapy and medication can help sometimes.
  • most people like me, but, I have thought about suicide lately, because the living conditions are horrible under the current system. I have to pay $8000 to prove my innocence for a .09 DUI where i was completely sober! I had not had a drink in about 2 hours and all the effects wore off but i am guilty until I pay to be innocent... I almost hate this system!!!
  • If nobody liked me there would probably be a good reason. I would figure out that reason and try my best to make a life change. Dont tell me this isnt possible because I've already been down that road once in my life.
  • If that were a possibility, I would've been dead for 40 years already! ;-)
  • yes id do it
  • No, I would not even though no one liked me. God had given a specific injunction against killing, other people's lives or my own. It is enough to know that God likes and loves me.
  • No. I like myself too much and I value myself too much to give up all that I have because those around me do not like/appreciate me.
  • no, cause I would have been dead long ago

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