• I wouldn't do that, and you don't have to accecpt me, but respect my right to believe as I do, and I'll respect yours.
  • Simple hypocrisy. Religions (of all types) impose moral restrictions and guides. Lack of religion leaves any morality (or lack thereof) up to the discretion of the individual, and some just lack it. Sometimes I think that's the biggest thing religions have going against them. Their adherents are held to a higher themselves, their peers and everyone else. Sometimes, it even degrades to downright mockery of the individual adherent's moral code. You can't let it affect your soul. I think when we let that sort of evilness poison us, it actually makes these people happy. The ones that do this are twisted individuals. They want to destroy your happiness. Now I'll sit back and wait to hear how calling them on this kind of cruelty and hypocrisy is "judgmental". LOL
  • I've never asked you to accept my moral choices. They don't have anything to do with you and aren't your business. Why would I ask you to give an opinion?
  • It is not acceptable for me to deride your religion, and I don't. Nor is it acceptable for people to suggest that people who are not their coreligionists are in any way inferior or wrong. If you live in the United States, freedom of religion is a right that applies to Muslims and atheists as much as it does to any Christian. People who are not Christians often get the sense that some Christians do not honor those principles, and then they begin to deride Christianity. But, as the old saying goes, two wrongs don't make a right!
  • It's not. However, I would prefer to be able to deride your religion and allow you to deride my moral choices if you feel so inclined. I don't see that accepting one another unquestioningly helps anything. It just makes bad choices and false beliefs acceptable.
  • You don't have to accept my moral choices. They are for me and me alone. However the converse is true - I won't have anyone else's moral code imposed upon me. I'll listen to other ideas of course. Of course society imposes laws upon us but I think they should be at a minimum and only to prevent harm to others - that's it. The state should not legislate on personal morality providing those morals are not going to do harm (e.g. gay marriage is no-one ele's business, it harms no-one; murder is obviously harmful so should be legislated against). As for deriding religion, it doesn't matter to me what anyone else believes providing they keep it to themsleves. I reserve the right to debate religion as it is an idea as I would reserve the right to express my opinion on politics, music, art etc. If someone doesn't want to debate relgion with me then fine, they have the option of not doing so and I will not seek people out and engage them on the subject. I won't tell anyone they are stupid or the like for believing a particular religion but neither will I be silenced on any subject.
  • it isn't but you don't have to accept my moral choices either.
  • I don't deride your religion, i don't know what religion you are... I try to be more respectful, but if i were to give i'd fully expect to take too...
  • The only one I'd criticize is a sociopath who has no moral feelings.

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