• education
  • My horses. Easily in the tens of thousands, although my dear mother makes them her life so she (bless her soul) pays the majority of the bills.
  • I get stuff for my cat to see what he will do with it. like catnip, toys,ect.
  • Drinking!
  • Genealogy and family history. (Warning! Long answer!) Over the years, I've spent money for: -- Subscriptions online to publishers who offer indexed databases of census, immigration, land, probate, military, "and more" official records - plus digital scans of the original records -- Memberships to local, regional, national genealogy societies & historical societies -- Donations or memberships at repositories of all kinds: museums or archives or libraries -- Fees to government agencies (tiny and huge) for search access or copy fees for birth, marriage, death records ... land, voting, probate records .. pension records .. passenger list records .. you name it! -- Education by attending local, regional or national conferences. Registration fees, travel, hotel and er yes ... "the dealer's room"! :) -- Untold numbers of books, magazines, maps over the years that now sit on my bookselves. History. How-To. Transcriptions. -- Software. Genealogy/family tree software as a minimum. See next item for other kinds. -- Sideline money very quickly .. into things associated with PHOTOGRAPHY and VINTAGE PHOTOS. ----- Archival safe photo albums, digital camera, external disc drives, memory cards, USB memory sticks, DVDs, CDs, online storage .. to hold digital backups of hard copy precious originals. Also leads to photo management and photo editing software applications. -- More travel costs to visit ancestral localities - potentially in many countries - then "ancestor hunting" while there. Cemetery walking and tombstone transcribing/photographing. Local organizations and record holders. Local churches. But $$ to go there, stay there, donate as you go, and maybe even eat while there. lol -- Audio equipment and software to support ORAL HISTORY projects as I interview older family members about their lives, family, ancestors, childhood, communities, work, and more. -- Postage, believe it or not! Photocopying. Rental of microfilm or microfiche or atlases or books. -- Fees to a professional at any point along the way - in a specialty research area (locality or century or type of records or lineage society, etc). Includes hiring someone in other countries to do lcoal research vs traveling there yourself. -- Donations all along the way - to the many fine individuals and groups who "do the things they do" to find, preserve and share our HISTORY .. individual by individual .. day in and day out. All THAT and I'll bet I still forgot something! LOL But I'll also say two things more: 1) It's also possible to "start" with some blank forms or sheets of paper, a pen and some curiosity .. some time .. some hunts around the house and talks with family members .. then visits to local town hall or cemeteries. More possible that way at the start than you might think. 2) Can't even begin to say how rewarding this hobby - turned obsession - and now passion - is. Well worth every dime over several decades now. :) PS - does it count that I also have genealogy t-shirts, bumper stickers and mugs? LOL
  • ... adding swords, knives, pole arms, and other weapons to my martial arts weapon collection ...
  • My horses.
  • I've been collecting various video games since 2003. Not too expensive, but still.
  • Scrapbooking
  • Restoring an MGB convertible...
  • That would be a toss-up between arctophilia and magic (of the conjuring kind). Both of these hobbies are dormant now, but I hate to think what I've spent on these two over the years.
  • Scrapbooking
  • Dancing !!!!
  • Computer parts.
  • It's a toss up, scrapbooking and graphic arts.
  • "Fishing & Boating"
  • just to be honest here...i spent too much on those POKEMON trading card games (8 yrs ago)...and now i deeply regret it, could have bought a car by now...
  • My husband and I are wood turners and it is a hobby that has gotten large. Since we have been doing it for several years it is the one thing we spend the most money on.
  • I have tied my hands for a while. Traveling might be done next year ( i hope 1st quarter LOL). Shopping for nice clothes et al ( again, keeping my hands tied, both, for now). LOL. I splurge way too much. I have to make amends.
  • Sailing - the definition of a boat is a hole in the water that you pour money into.
  • I collect autographed baseball cards in person. It has become quite expensive between the game tickets, baseball cards, autograph pens and traveling to the games.
  • The restoration of my 1988 Camaro
  • I have many hobbies including puzzels, computers, comics, cooking, oil painting, fly fishing and currency. I've spent the most on computers.

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