• Yes, because rules are rules. Either I follow them, or I leave. Fortunately for me our office does not have a strict dress code.
  • Well, if I wanted to keep my job of course I would.
  • Their party, their rules. If it really bothered me, I'd look for another job. Otherwise, I'd grit my teeth, smile, and comply.
  • as opposed to being fired?
  • Yes, they are the ones that pay my salary!
  • Yes, I've had that happen to me on 2 different occasions. It's irritating at first, but honestly it's not that big of a deal. It's either follow it or get a new job.
  • I suppose you'll have to. You can gripe, but I doubt they'll listen. In this economy, businesses are looking to unload labor. I would not want to be seen as someone who wants to buck the system. They'll be more than happy to be rid of your salary, and replace you with a cheaper newbie. You can't throw out your old shoes until you get a new pair, someone once told me. If it really is that much of a hardship for you to comply, find another job, and THEN tell them what you think of their dress code changes, and what they can do with them.
  • No. I work 'for' a Chiro, but I am an independent contractor. If he wants to pay my taxes, I would be glad to wear a stupid uniform!
  • yes i would.. change is always good.. if it looks terrible i may 'modify' it slightly..
  • Two view points here: FIRST: Having spent 20 years in the U.S. Navy, the obvious answer is "YES". The uniform is the very public, visible image of the Navy. Wearing it with pride says a lot about your beliefs and values. SECOND: In the civilian community, my answer is "YES...within reason." A company has the right to set a dress code commensurate with the image they wish to project. A sharp, snappy dress code says a LOT about the professionalism of a company. However, I would not support anything which would be demeaning or humiliating to the individual or the customer. In this respect I am free to leave if necessary, if I felt my objections would not get the attention they deserved. I'm assuming from your comments made to other answers that your focus is on such things I consider "body art". ( Which I lump piercings and tattoos under.) This (dress codes in the business world) is the reason I caution people to choose wisely if they wish to have such body art done. Body art is a personal expression of the individual, but I hate to see that interfere with a person's employability. I remember in the Navy several years ago it used to be strictly against regulations for men to wear ear rings, either in uniform or off-duty in civilian life. Things have since changed and it's OK for men to wear ear rings in the civilian world. Now the big thing is tongue piercings. It's against regulations to have a tongue piercing in while in uniform. So, of course, it's a statement many choose to make as their own minor form of rebellion against 'the extablishment'. My advice is to conform to the dress code in your place of employment. What you do otherwise is your business, as long as it doesn't bring about dishonor to your employer.

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