• You never own anyone...but you are responsible for your children. My children had/have my respect and they did/do have a say, but that did not mean they had the control.
  • No never. I did expect them to follow my rules, they did for the most part. Major decisions, we let them have their say, but we ultimately made the choice. When we decided to move, if my son had not wanted to change schools, we would have found a place south of here.
  • I do not believe I own my son, but I do believe that the law considers me responsible for him until he is an adult. He deserves respect and consideration. He may have a say in some things, but we the parents have the final say, because children don't always exercise the best judgement. I don't feel my job is to make decisions for him altogether, but to raise him to make the best choices possible. However, if he makes a very bad decision, then I feel I need to step in and correct it.
  • I believe that a mans home is his castle and he should run it the way he wants it to run. By all means allow other to put their spoke in ....but the head of the house must always remain in charge otherwise anarchy will rule.
  • I believe a little of both, but at the end of the day I am the adult, so I make the rules. When my children get bigger I'll gladly turn that responsibility over to them.
  • NO, Children are humans, and deserve respect and yes I always let my children discuss issues and got their input.
  • I believe in talking with your children and listening to what they are feeling. They do need to be respected, you can't teach a child to be respectful if you don't show respect. I listen to what they have to say and I am considerate to them. I also do have the final say and I do expect them to follow my rules as long as they do live in my home.
  • It is my responsibility as their parent, to raise my children to be respectful and considerate adults. Then can not turn out that way if I in turn do not show them respect and consideration. In our household though, my husband and I are the law and have the final say. Children need to be guided and can not control the household. Obviously, the older my children have gotten, the more ideas they have to input in our household and we will always listen to them and then explain why or why not we think that is a good idea.

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