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  • It is definately not wrong to feel jealous. I feel for you with this question. The working-world is a place where relationships and affairs strike up all of the time. These are people he interacts with day in and day out. You could have all of the trust in your htb and even if you know he wouldn't ever do anything to hurt you, that won't stop other women from trying to schmooze him over. It's okay to be jealous just as long as you don't hassle him because you're over protective, UNLESS of course if he is flirting along with the co-workers, then honey you need to put your foot down. Let him know how you feel, if his co-workers are calling him for business matters then okay...but if they are calling him to joke around because he is late, then you need to say that it bothers you and he needs to put an end to that, it's not professional. As for the crush, if that woman has a crush on him and knows he is with you then you need to keep your eye out for that, if she begins to act on her feelings then you should go confront her. Always keep your eyes open!! Hope this helped!
  • Yes. please don't use Instant Messenger or other abbreviations. Spell out the whole word, so we can understand exactly what you are asking for sure.
  • No, it is not wrong to feel jealous. Just don't let that ruin your relationship. Let him know how you feel and where the lines are. If he chooses to ignore you, then you know you have a problem.
  • What in the hell is an htb?
  • What language are you trying to write? It would be smart of you never to be jealous, because it's obvious that you could misconstrue anything. Just assume everything's okay. P.

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