• Doesn't every generation believe that the rapture is upon them? Even the early Christians thought that the second coming was coming soon. You probably have seen the movies from back in the 60s or 70s, one of which (it's a triology) was called "Thief in the Night". So they were convinced that the rapture was upon them soon. I think the point is that we just can't know when it will happen. That's part of the the point of having faith.
  • The rapture will happen in the next 10-12 years and I have good enough proof to prove it. Its all in the Bible hidden meanings and so forth. However know one can know the DAY or Hour. Also all things can change in a blink of an eye. If you'd like more info send me an email. Ben Jones
  • I don't really believe the rapture will happen.
  • There is no such thing as "The Rapture" in the Bible at all. The Rapture is a post-biblical concept, just like the Antichrist is. Neither is mentioned in the Bible by name or description.
  • How about the entire Bible? The end times are pretty well described in hundreds of verses, and to he who has an ear, let him hear, well over 95% of Biblical Prophecy has already occurred. With the current world events surrounding you daily, you must be either blind or not paying attention. Read Matthew chapter 24. It tells you of the exact events that must occur immediately before the "rapture" (and don't allow anyone to bully you for using that word, it is just a simplified way of saying "The second coming of Jesus Christ". Other than that, folks are merely trying to start arguments or are just plain nasty people). After reading Matthew, compare the world today with what it says there and I believe you'll come to the conclusion that this is the last generation of humanity to live before the Tribulation. Which, in my humble opinion, Christians will be subjected to, or why else does God warn His 'elect' so much about it and say that His Saints must endure it but that those days will be shortened or none will survive it? (They are also anal about the Anti-Christ too, why is it such a thorn in their sides to use a simplified term for the personification of evil?)
  • The Rapture is not a real event. It was made up totally from a little girl's 1830 visions she had while having a very high fever. Throw in Mr. Darby, who came up with the whole idea of "dispensationalism", and then add Mr.Scofield, who liked the idea, and then noted it in his translation of the Bible, which was the preferred version of the Bible for a great deal of the Twentieth Century. Add all of those elements together, plus the time in which they were created, and you get " The Rapture". It was never even heard of before 1830, and that's because, it just isn't true. Many years ago I used to believe, until I realized that there is no "there" there.
  • its possible

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