• I wouldn't say putrageous or crazy exactly, more... confusing. I really just don't get it Why is it that so many girls act like they are homophobic but when alone they dont mind you flirting around with them? I mean, all the women I know aren't homophobic, and all the gay guys I know don't flirt with you.
  • I don't know, but your probably thinking that my question is the most outrageous one you've seen all day right? My own question is probably the most outrageous one I've seen ( "Somthing just brought this to my attention WHY IS EVERYONE GROSSED OUT BY STICKING THEIR OWN FINGER IN THEIR OWN NOSE? sorry I had to ask"!)!
  • Someone asking what tune was on my cel phone I suppose, although it is better than some others I have seen that I have apparenty managed to successfully forget! ;)
  • 7-5-2017
    • Roaring
      I like that question even though it cant be satisfied

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