• "Your face!" or "your mom!" are always fail-proof classics.
  • I shaged your mum last nite. She was good. Only problem was she squashed me
  • One of my favorite comebacks for the 'uncomebackable' is the blank stare. Sometimes, it seems the best comeback is none at all.
  • In my humble opinion a good comeback should counteract the situation or words that provoked it, so there's not a universal example.
  • Yo mama I used to care but I take a pill for that now. You're ugly & your mother dresses you funny.
  • How about good old "I know you are but what am I?" And if that fails, there's always, "Well... You're Stupid!" OK, I don't really endorse childish comebacks... unless it's to my friends and they know I'm being my totally cheesy, dorky self! :D
  • "Thank you for sharing" and "Take me to your alien leader."
  • Yeah, 'so's your face' is always good.
  • The oldest in the book "That's not what your momma said last night"
  • 'Lets see what that gets on my give a shit scale..' Thats what i say =P
  • "your mum" or "why"
  • Ok....if I throw you a stick will you leave me alone? Thats not what your mom said last night!! Here you try to insult me...but i know you like me..i can see your tail wagging. Wow....your teeth are brighter than you are. I'll give you a 3.5 on the creative insult scale. And just remember who you are saying the comebacks to. Some people can contercomeback and you'll have to think of something FAST. If they say something that you don't know what to say back just simply look like your about to say something but then say "its a smart person wouldn't get it"
  • Here is my faverite comeback ever!!! just say.. If I wanted a comeback I would lick it of you moms chin.
  • Heres a Grammar Nazi Situation: "Hahaha you're laeving town tommorow?" "Cant you spell? I think you meant leaving..." "The ultimate goal of communication is to get someone to understand what you want them to, i think most people knew i meant 'leaving'" "I could Barley understand you..." "If you could barley understand what i was trying to say you wouldnt be able to fix my mistake." Done
  • I could've been your dad if the dog hadn't beat me over the fence get out, 100 000 sperm and YOU were the quickest... We're all refreshed and challenged by your unique perspective I will always cherich those initial misconceptions I had about you...
  • "your mom" "your moms mom" "your moms face!" He says: "you say somethin?" You say: "you wish i said somethin"
  • Horse hockey!
  • laugh and say are you kidding is that the best you can do, here take a second and try agian, that was pathetic, cmon you can do it.
  • So's your face! Yo moma is a classic. im just glad i dont look lyk u! ur a pedophile ur a species of fecies or, in the long term: love your enimies, nothing else gets them so frustrated. :)
  • 7-20-2017 There are no good comebacks. You don't have enough material to play that game. I use only two comebacks. If someone says something terribly dum, I stare at them and let them figure out what to do. If they insult me, such as by interrupting, I turn around and walk away. They can't cope with that.

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