• you could try rewarding yourself after doing sonnething
    • Kira Budge
      Do you have any ideas how? It's not like I have money to spend on myself, and rewarding myself with food would just make me unhealthy. I already love food too much haha.
    • pearllederman
      get a fun book fronn the library to read
    • Kira Budge
      That's a good idea, thanks!
    • lavender
      Great idea, I agree. You can also check out movies at the library as well.
    • Jakesoso
      I take Herberall to help me get going. It's a natural alternative to Adderall, my mom bought it for me and it's been great. Otherwise I get super lazy and don't do anuything all day
  • Hire a hit man to kill you if you don't get it done. Seriously though, what sort of "things" are you trying to do? Sometimes making it a competition is motivating sometimes asking others to join you makes it more fun. Rewards may work. Deprivation might be motivating as well. Tell yourself you can't have ___________ until its done. I could probably give better suggestions if I had more specifics.
  • I schedule my day in advance if there is something I know I have to get done but don't want to do. I will not turn on the tv or my computer or do anything that may otherwise easily distract me. I always follow my schedule to a "T", and reward myself afterward with something yummy - for me lately, I have been way into cashews, so I rewarded myself with an oz of roasted, unsalted cashews. I know, cashews are boring...well, not to me... but you get my drift...

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