• Yes, they just won't be undefeated and they may have to play in a wild card game.
  • If they do, it will be as a wild-card team...I don't think they'll win the AFC East...they'll finish behind "Jet" Favre and his J-E-T-S, Jets! Jets! Jets!
  • I hope not, I mean Boston has won enough already. World series, NBA finals, and Superbowls. Shit Boston is the new New York!
  • Long shot....unproven quarterback.....but you never know!
  • Yes, they have too much talent to let one player determine their fate.
  • There are a lot of other teams looking real good right now, but I think its to early to tell:)
  • Based on their relatively easy schedule, I'd say that they have the opportunity to win 9 or 10 games (even without Tom Brady), but things would have to go right for them in those 9 to 10 games, and they'd have to rely more on the running game, Randy Moss, and the defense to help them win some very close games. But I'd probably say that the more likely scenario is that they win 7 games and miss the playoffs.
  • I think they will, maybe just as a wild card team.
  • I am going to keep my hopes up! Cassel has the ability, he just needs to learn. Just like all quarterbacks have to do. I bet they are working his butt off!
  • NO! The Patriots are through and they will not see the playoffs or the Superbowl this year. Matter of fact after the last game they play aganist the New York Giants they will not see a perfect season. That only happens once. They suck anyway!!
  • Haha, You think they'll win with Matt Cassell? Tom Brady is like the key player of the NE Patriots, and without him, techinically, the offence gets slower, and the defence has to be out on the field more. Since the defence is so old, they get tired more quickly.
  • NO,because they are relying on old players and without Brady piling up the points on offense, the defense has a huge load to carry.
  • Not With Matt Cassel If They doe the right thing and Sign Daunte Culpepper or Jeff Garcia They are a shoe in for the playoffs I Say go with Daunte He has a huge chip on his shoulder and wants to prove that he can still be a starter so he will give the patriots his all and he has great chemistry with Randy Moss.
  • It's looking good so far.
  • Well, they are hurting after their OT loss to the Jets on Thursday. However, they are still a talented team and they do hold the tie breaker in the division. If they tie the Jets at the end of the year, the Pats win the division. They could also squeeze in a wild card berth if the Jets win the division. My answer is yes, they will make the playoffs. Go Broncos!
  • hell yes. as long as belichick is coaching&randy moss is recieving will be jus fine

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