• yes I do
  • more then anyone could ever know!
  • Yes I do On a Daily Basis;)!!
  • He died when I was in college. I grew up without him. Do I miss him? Sometimes I think about him. Maybe I do miss him. I have mixed feelings whenever I talk about my dad.
  • No, I don't.
  • Yes, I miss him. Now more than ever.
  • Yeah I do. Not all of the time but I do have my moments when I wish he was here.
  • Yeah, he died 29 years ago, and i still miss him every single day....
  • yah. he commited suicide 4 years ago.
  • I do miss him very often, though i believe he is in a better world now.
  • no i don't, he hated me and would never let me be close to him. he caused me a lot of pain.when my brother called me in feb. of 2001 to tell me that he had died it was a relief(that i wouldn't have to see him again).
  • I'm lucky to have a great Dad who is still in good health : )
  • All the time.
  • I miss my dad every day. There's someone alive and "well" in his body, but that man hasn't been my dad in a long time!
  • yeah, and its been 25 yrs....:)
  • Sadly, I don't miss him very much. I'm happier not being around him as he is a very angry man and doesn't approve of how I'm leading my life. He's ill though and I wish things were different but I guess it's not the right time yet.
  • Very much :)
  • Not too much because I just saw him about 10 minutes ago.
  • My dad is still alive he is 69 years old since june six but he doesn't even look 56 . He's still kicking. :)
  • Yes, constantly.
  • Sure do, he's in florida.
  • There's a lot of dads and granddads sitting in nursing home without their family near by. My own daughter lives 600 miles from here. Though we've been trying to get a transfer, in eights months, we have yet to find a place willing to accept my insurance, so I sit here alone. Consider spending the morning as a volunteer at a nursing home. Contact the activities director about it. They have someone from the dept there every day. Make a list of the reasons why you appreciated him and read it to the men. I wrote this to "Dear Abby" for Father's Day, March 19, 2005. APPRECIATION FOR JOB WELL DONE IS WHAT FATHERS WANT TO HEAR DEAR ABBY: Today is Father's Day, so why don't we try to do more for dear old Dad than give him the usual greeting card that promotes the idea that all dads are imbeciles, followed by a collect call to see what he thought of the card. (Father's Day is the day when the most collect calls are made.) We should treat our fathers the way we treat our mothers on Mother's Day and show them we appreciate them for being there. Yes, you probably tell your father all the time that you love him, but the minds of men work differently. Anyone can say "I love you," but as men, knowing that we are appreciated for a job well done is what really gets us teary-eyed. Something else you can do -- especially you sons out there (but daughters can do it, too) -- is to make sure Dad has been to the doctor for a checkup, including depression screening. This can go a long way toward making sure he's here on Father's Day next year. I wasn't raised by my father, but by a stepfather. Although we did not see eye-to-eye on many things, I would not be the person I am today if it were not for him. This man, who spent years climbing on top of heavy construction equipment to prepare the ground for many of the homes, businesses, roads and highways of Southern California, now finds it difficult to get into a car. Although none of the houses or roads have his name on them, they are all testaments to his life and the lives of men like him. So today, let's do something extra for Dad, without him pulling out his wallet to pay for it. -- George McCasland, Overland Park, Kansas *************************************************************** Remember, there's a lot of us fathers sitting in nursing homes whose children live too far away to visit. Contact an activities director about volunteering Sunday morning. Read a list out loud about why you appreciated your father.
  • definitely, both my parents have been gone for yrs

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