• It was about three inches long and very thin. Please help!
  • Umm... gonna need to be a bit psychic unless you can come up with a description, or a picture?
  • The following came from the website below, I hope it helps. It looks to me like a Coral. And it looks like it fits the Venomous description. I would notify Animal control and get it dealt with, or it could kill someone you love if it is poisonous. Either way, I would keep an eye on it until it is dead or removed from your property by animal control. I would also suggest having your area checked for any siblings it may have. "Red touch yellow, kill a fellow Red touch black, venom lack The meaning is that if the red and yellow bands touch, the snake can kill a fellow."
  • OK Stormy I had to go and look at your profile to work out this is in Arizona. So I went and Googled Arizona snakes. There are two that this could be and both have only mildly toxic saliva. From what I can see its either a Variable Sandsnake or a groundsnake: Either way its a young one, I think - the sand snake grows up to 11" long and the groundsnake gets even bigger. Theres loads more info on those links. Hope this helps.

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