• Honey, did he tell u that u were the only 1 that he cheated with? If so DO NOT BELIEVE HIM!! If he would cheat on his girlfriend...HE WILL CHEAT ON U !!!! Find someone worthy of your love, I know u want to,and deserve to!!
  • Be patient and take your time with it, if it's meant to be it'll happen. Everything happens for reason, It's called divine order.
  • This is an accident...waiting to happen. its the old twos company and threes a crowd. He has been dating her for 10 months and has cheated on her once, with you. this raises an interesting question. if he cheated on her, with you, then he has cheated on the both of you with someone else. possible? cheaters are always cheaters. if he is cheating on her with you, he will cheat on you with someone else. Does this ring a bell? Is this answer hitting home to you?
  • B.L.M. - Back off, Let go and Move on. There are many many fish in the sea. Keep on looking for a man who is faithful.
  • Chances are, once you have him, you won't be all that interested anymore. It sounds to me like you're just interested in the challenge of getting him.
  • go for it learn the hard already know that he s a cheater so do his girlfriend a favor and steal him away.six months or less from now you ll be sending in another question,oh the guy of my dreams is cheating on me,what can i do?
  • Two answers: -Past behaviour is the best way to predict behaviour in the future (RE: all the above answers) -Stop wanting and needing: Become the person you would like to have as a partner and see what happens...
  • Sweetheart i have been there done that....You should leave him alone NOW! What will end of happening is you will spend many friday and saturday nights alone and sad, wasting time thinking of someone who doesn't want you anyway. You made a mistake. While you are alone thinking about him he is out or making love to his girlfriend. if you continue to sleep with him it will be worse for you. Maybe this is a challenge for you to get him, maybe not either way don't gamble with your heart its never worth it.
  • You should try and let it go. It is good practice never to try and take anothers partner and cause a lot of heartache. If the situation were reversed you may find it very painful. Maybe try and put yourself in the shoes of his girlfriend and how you would feel.
  • You say the guy of your dreams is a cheater...?? I am not one to pass a judgement, but is that what you look for in a perfect that cheats on his partner?? Just some questions to consider. And even if you both do end up together, whats to say that he wont do the exact same thing to you with another woman??I would strongly reccommend that you put some deep thought into this one. I understand you like this guy, but there are plenty more fish in the sea...that don't cheat!
  • I don’t think it’s a question of ‘wrong’ but of self respect. He has chosen to be with this other girl. He has chosen to cheat on her with you. He may be a great guy, but it sounds like he’s a lousy boyfriend. If you do ‘win him’, do you really want to spend your relationship being worried he will cheat on you, too? Have respect for yourself and find someone who will respect the girl/woman he is with without having taking advantage of someone offering themselves to him. To answer your question in part, you will not win him by continuing to make it easy for him to have his cake and eat it, too. He has the best of both worlds, a steady girlfriend and someone on the wings for variety. Why would he change that?
  • The bottom line is that every story is different and only you know the answer. A lot of it depends on where you are in life. Are you both trying to be good people and just can't help how you feel about each other? might work out. Stay away from him. Force him to figure out how much he likes you. Its hard when he has someone and you don't, but life isn't fair. Spend your time cultivating yourself through yoga, painting, music, reading, studying languages, enviromental projects, etc. Deserve happiness and chances are you'll get it. A little secret that most people haven't figured out is that guys deep down like good girls. Be good. Appeal to his heart not his #%^%! Above all be patient.
  • Just remember- he cheats on her with you, who will he cheat on you with, when he is yours?
  • The man of your dreams is a cheating douchebag? Yikes! You might want to look at your level of standards... I say move on, get a counselor to work on that low self esteem problem, and find a man that isn't a cheating bastard. If he cheats on her, he'll cheat on you. Trust me on this one. You don't deserve to be treated like that, and neither does this poor girlfriend.
  • I agree with everyone who advised you to back off. If you love him as much as you claim you will let him be with this other girl and try to move on. Stealing him away for yourself would be a low and selfish move on your part. You will more than likely regret it later on down the road. Also if he cheated on this girl with you what makes you so sure he won't break your heart and cheat on you. This guy sounds like a loser. He has no self respect let alone any respect for females in general. If he did he would have kept it zipped up knowing he has a g/f already.
  • The guy of your dreams is a cheater?
  • I am in the same situation as u r. The thing is that u should move on. Ur just hurting urself and this guy thinks that u will b sticking around for ever and that he can have u both. If hes in a relationship with a girl already for 10 months chances r that he cares about this girl more than he does for u. Trust me i know this. U can still b friends with him but dont wait for him for ever dont waste ur time is not worth it. Its hard i know cuz im trying to move on to. Love urself first and then ull see others will love u and give u what u deserve.
  • I am in the same boat as you (kinda) I have known this guy since I was like 13 and we lost contact for about 8 years and when we met up it was instant attraction only problem is he has a girlfriend who he has been with for a year. He told me they weren't getting on and that he didn't love her which I still believe. We were seeing each other every couple of days for about a month and then I asked myself this question 'How would I feel if I was that girl?' It wasn't right what I was doing and as much as I really liked this guy and as much as it hurts me to do it I has a conversation with him and said that it was wrong what we were doing and we should stop it and be friends and guess what we are good friends now and everything is much better between us. Of course I have strong feelings for him but if we are meant to be together then it will happen. As I say everything happens for a reason. So my advice to you is don't just think of yourself in all this....think about what effects this will have on his girlfriend. Also I would try and remain friends and as I say if you two are meant to be then it will happen one day or you never know you may just find someone else who is 100 times better. Just don't let yourself get hurt, use your head and not your heart in this situation. I did and everything is better now. Good luck :-)
  • would you really want to start a relationship based on the fact that you helped break up his last one? wait for it disolve on it's own.
  • Well whatever games you decide to play in order to "win" please don't tell yourself that you could make him happier. Even if it is true! These things have a way of not working out. Because no matter how fantastic the sex is with anyone we still want someone steady to hang out with, wake up with, hold doors open for us etc. So best to concentrate on finding your own boyfriend cause when you do you will be less interested in the first guy.
  • i would leave him alone if hes got a girlfriend, otherwize his girlfriend might get mad and come after you
  • i would leave him alone if he has a girlfriend
  • i wouldnt go out with him if hes already got a girlfriend

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