• i would always pull my hair thru a cap (they are cheap to buy at sally's beauty supply). you would have to have some help. I would pull through every other hole to get an all around highlight. Do every hole if you want a ton, but that's going to be a lot of your hair. Use small strands when you do pull thru. not hunks!
  • RETIRED hairdresser a general rule, you'd want to place highlights that'll fall around your face and that the effect if 'light' surrounds your face. thats GENERAL............ you want to take your face shape into consideration and plan carefully where you'll place the hightlights....if you have a longish face, you want the highlights to be on each side of your face......again, NOT heavy on the highlights,,,,,,just a 'hint'........ if you have a round-ish face, place the highlights more towards the top of your head, to elongate the face.. and so on..............not to be taken lightly, huh? but have fun with it.....dont take too much hair out, as others here have said...........better to have too little pulled out than too much! AND DONT must use SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONERS FOR TINTED HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!

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