• Either that that was his only opening line for a conversation and he's got nothing else, or that he's formed an opinion of you without bothering to get to know you.
  • I believe this person may be judging the person who is not a church goer which I believe (being someone not very religious myself but remember a little from high school) that jesus/god loves all people and to not judge one another.
  • that hes a judgemental bore - he certainly doesnt practise what he preaches!
  • He is not a true Christian either.
  • That he's not behaving in a very christian way. He's not worth the hassle let it go.
  • At least he had the self-restraint, even the grace, to refrain from the knee-jerk Fundie attempt to save your soul right there on the spot. Once, long, long ago, in a galaxy right here on earth, on a bright Sunday afternoon, a Christian grabbed my coattail, jerked me off the bus, and punched me in the face because I told him I was going downtown to see a movie. On a Sunday.
    • pugwashjw65
      bad actions / reactions do not a Christian make.
  • If he walked away because of your answer, he's not a very good Christian, in my opinion.
  • You've lost a potential friend, but gained a potentially enjoyable evening.
  • If he was a Christian himself, he would have at least told you about his church and invited you to attend. This person seems shallow for just leaving so abruptly.
  • maybe that's his impression of 'turning the other cheek' and that was his example of true Christian wit.
  • it says the Hor Duerves were kind of rough and he immediately seeked a bathroom.
  • He's obviously being judgmental and not very Christian. Someone I don't need as a friend, anyway. At least he didn't go off on a Bible-thumping tirade...I've heard enough of that nonsense, too. Such people don't seem to know the true meaning of Christianity.
  • It says that he is either close minded and not worth talking to about anything concerning that subject because the point is already moot and therefore why bother? Or... He really had to pee or possibly just accidentally pooped himself (I dont know, maybe the dip was bad or something?) and had to... ummm, GO! You know?
  • It says that he wants nothing to do with godless heathens like me, and that suits me perfectly.
  • It means he doesnt want to talk anymore.
  • It shows he is quite considerate because he's not boring you by talking about the only thing he's interested in. At least he didn't stick around and try to convince you his way is the only way. This is called "looking on the bright side!" lol
  • He sounds like someone you wouldn't want to talk to anyway. Unfortunately a lot of people are too quick to judge others, and if you don't agree with what they believe, they won't have anything to do with you. I find that interesting since Christians have the WWJD slogan (What Would Jesus Do), I'm sure Jesus wouldn't have walked away in that situation.
  • He is not comfortable talking to atheists, that he is intolerant, annoyed that he may be the only Christian there, sad because he thinks you are doomed due to the lack of God, Predjudice, etc.
  • I wouldn't care in the least. In fact, I would be the one turning and walking away the moment he approached me.
  • he wants to start an argument about different beliefs.
  • That he's an intolerant fool and you're better off without him; a vexation to the spirit and best to be avoided; and he is doing you a favour by letting you know immediately what he is like.
  • He's rude. He's got a very constricted world view. He's one not to let the kids near.
  • it says hes being a jerk thinking hes better than you are
  • It says he doesn't want to talk to you. Or he had a prior engagement elsewhere. Or he had to go to the bathroom. Or he saw someone more interesting to talk to. Or he had to go home and rearrange his sock drawer.
  • A true christian would be telling you about the Kingdom... [ Matthew28:19,20 ] he isn't one.
  • That's what I do to all Protestant sects!
  • Nothing. Judging him is the same as him judging you, if that's even what took place. No one really knows from the information you've given as Conservative pointed out. I don't think Christians should be held to a different standard just because they're trying to be a better person than they were before. We're all human, fallible, weak and disgusting at times. Forgiveness is not for the offenders, but for the offended, and not exclusively Christian, but human.
  • That he has wants to talk about his faith, yet has not gained the confidence and/or interest in dialoging with those in other faith traditions.

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