• I would stay a little longer or leave when it gets too much to bear . . .
  • Leave. That would gross me out to the max.
  • I'd leave, but not before I put a sign on the door. Adults Only, might be habit forming!
  • i would leave as soon as i'm done, its none of my business what the person on the next stall is talking about.
  • may be stay justs a little longer.
  • Stay a little longer, of course. There is nothing more erotic than someone talking sexy while I'm crapping. For crying out loud....
  • I really dont listen to other convos but I believe that would I might hear. So leave as soon as possible.
  • I'd probably cough or clear my throat or something. Try to alert them to the fact there's another person in earshot.
  • I would probably listen and if it got crazy I would make poop sounds.
  • I'm outta there...
  • Start making fart noises and flushing the toilet a lot so whoever is on the other end knows their lover's location.
  • I'd say really loudly "cum back to bed baby!!"
  • I start flushing and keep flushing until I can get the he** out of gosh..honestly and f'r goodness sakes..geez louise, good grief and good golly miss molly! :(
  • I'm out of there. Nothing I haven't heard before.
  • Haha, leave as fast as i can and ponder WHY shes doing it on the toilet =S
  • You know, as a guy I'm just not interested in hearing another guy talk dirty on the phone, much less while I'm in the next stall taking a dump. Personally, I find it extremely irritating, down right rude, and sometimes outright dangerous that so many people can't seem to leave the phone alone at certain times: meal time, bed time, family time, bathroom time, merging-onto-the-interstate-during-rush-hour-traffic time, fun-in-the-bed time... So I would probably consider some SERIOUS sound effects. Remember Austin Powers in Goldmember? The fight that he had with the Irish assassin in the stall next to Tom Arnold, who was cheering Austin on because he thought he was taking a really difficult and painful crap? Well, that's just for starters. And I'd LOVE for the guy to give me any trouble for it when I left my stall. <EDIT> For those of you who have never seen it (or want to laugh at it again) here it is: Link:,45dbe6152238780203e9.html
  • Knowing me, I would probably crack some kind of wise crack and then leave.
  • Shout at the top of my voice, "Ahh now THAT was a satisfying crap!" and Leave as fast as I could.
  • I leave. Just talking on the phone when going potty is bad enough, talking sexy while going potty would have me laughing my butt off at the person.
  • I'm outta there! If they don't realize there is another person in there already, they will as soon as I stand up shuffle around and flush. If they do know someone is there, I don't want to give the the satisfaction of thinking I'm eavesdropping on their call and getting all excited in their little 'threesome'. Yuck! I'm gone!
  • NO, you get loud with your poop. Grunt a little, splish, spash, girgle & grunt. That'll teach him. Axe
  • (heh, heh) "Done" with what, exactly?! ;-)
  • I'd ask them loudly if they had a square to spare and stick my hand under the stall to their side. :)
  • i would stay abit longer they want people to hear them .it's a public bathroom the possiablity of someone hearing is part of thrill

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