• How old is he, and why do you want the little guy sipping on his pants. Wouldn't a drink of koolade be better?
  • That is a 100% man thing, i still do that
  • If he's really just forgetful, how would discipline help? It's not as though he can help it if he's forgetful, and riding his butt about it is more likely to make him neurotic and insecure than it is to fix any problems. Which isn't to say that babying him is the answer, just that holding him totally accountable and punishing or being mean to him for things that are, to some degree, out of his control, isn't the answer either. The most you can really do is remind him when he forgets, and really emphasize to him the importance of remembering in the first place. Your ultimate goal here is to help him develop habits so that he'll naturally remember these things in the future, though, so being on him about it too much could actually be counterproductive by helping make him dependent on constant outside reminders and discipline to make him remember these things.
  • Ride his ass and force him to be disciplined enough to zip up his pants, at least if he is old enough to understand and his peers can handle the same function. If he is 3 years old, don't hammer him about it.
  • You could think back about what worked best with you, and try that. There needs to be a fine line between training and humiliation. There are many lessons to be learned from each encounter, and you want to maximize the chance you have with him. If "ride his butt" means make him feel degraded and demeaned, I wouldn't use that method to present this lesson, but I'm well known for my "reward is the best way" stance in discipline. If you're the whack and smack kind of teacher, then I can't help you.
  • spank him
  • How old is your son? The answer to this question is different if he is 3 vs. 23. Your approach to discipline should be age appropriate. If you are worried about your sons ability to remember things like his zipper, you should look at information about cognitive development and specifically look at development in boys...the fact is, boys have trouble with this kind of stuff sometimes! Your husband needs to also be in on the education...if you are dealing with a small child, "riding his butt" seems counter-productive. If you are dealing with a teenager, a blended approach of discipline and encouragement may be in order. Plus, different kids respond to different methods. If you have a super senstitive kid, ruling with an iron fist may make things worse.
  • At 11, he should certainly be able to remember to zip his pants up. I do have to say that sometimes "riding" the child will make matters worse as he is most likely nervous around you which causes him to be more scatter brained. At 11, letting him leave the house with his fly open is OK. His friends/schoolmates will give him more than enough embarrassment to make him make a conscious effort not to forget again. I have a forgetful boy as well. He is nine and although is frustrates the hell out of me, I wouldn't make him feel like less of a person for it and I hope you don't either.
  • I would suggest that you not worry about it until he goes to school. There he will have lots of peers to remind him of proper dressing and hygeine, which will stick better than (sigh!) Daddddd or Mommmmm telling him.
  • How old is he? If he is a kid under 6 then I'd remind him, hes just a little guy. If he's 14 then let him go out without his pants zipped and the girl he like will make fun of him, he'll never forget. ok so he's 11 I just read. Let the kid go out his friends will ALL REMIND him at school.
  • If You "Ride His Butt" Every time He Forgets, He Will Definitely Remember. -Erin

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