• I've never been to America, so I've never used an American vending machine. I have used a British 10 pence coin in supermarket trolleys that normally accept a 1 euro coin. I don't see this as being dishonest because you get your coin back when you park the trolley.
  • With the American dollar at a low point as it is right now the foreign money may be worth more. Quit trying to jip people and pay your fair share like evryone else. Some day someone will stick it to you and you will realize how it feels. Mr Bill
  • I have used Canadian coins in vending machines before, but that was years ago. Vending machines now will recognize the weight difference and kick the coins out these days. Even though the size of the quarters, dimes, and nickles is pretty much the same for US and Canadian currency, the weight difference can be picked up on and any vending machines I use on a regular basis will kick them out. Same goes for change machines at banks and Coinstar.

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