• In the US, it is more just a fad, most of the young people are getting them. I dont think it is looked apon, as them looking being criminals. When I was younger, it was usually military that had them.
  • i think that throughout history a mark has been used to determine tribes of people... there is all kinds of different tribes out there and there should be no reason for one bad apple from any of these groups to ruin it for the rest... chances are that the person wearing it did not even know that he was wearing a label that other people might associate with crime but they just like the image. i see no reason why people with tattoos should be looked down upon in any way
  • I think they are worn by all the different classes. I had an airbrushed one applied (gone forever now--washed I would never get a real one because they are permanent and applied with needles. In the US, they seem to be very much accepted--like a form of body art.

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